Signe Pling :: six-word memoir.

While I'm away, I invited some of my favorite, inspirational bloggers (read: my blog crushes) to post their five-word memoirs. Signe wrote six, but either way it's surprising how intimate five or six little words can be. 

This one is from Signe Pling.

Go say hi to Signe, and wish her luck on her grand move above the Arctic Circle!  


Signe said...

Hope you are enjoying the time with your brother Heather :)
Hugs and a happy Tuesday to you!

Krystal said...

awww signe it's so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

this is classic Signe ... love it!

Kristin H said...

Very sweet!!!

S and O said...

I love her blog too :D
She posts such great imagery.

Hollie said...

love this one!


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