Looking good

You know I must be homesick when I'm happy to find news of Britney Spears on the tele. Poor Britney. I think I just have too much time on my hands right now. But pretty soon that will all change.

I start working (6 days a week) on the first of October. This weekend I'm going to Rio San Juan, which is south of the middle of Chile (if you count Chile's antarctic territory). It's also big fiesta days for the 18 de Septiembre, to celebrate fiestas patrias. I'm hoping to catch some cueca, the national dance of Chile. Evidently you can only really see cueca in September.

Then next weekend hoping to climb Cerro Tenerife in la Cordillera Pratt, with a couple of medicos. Unfortunately, a couple of climbers have been lost near there for a couple weeks now. There have been helicopters, search crews, and psychics looking for them, but, so far, to no avail.


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