about the blog

I'm Heather. I'm a wife and new mom, navigating what it means to be home, all over the globe. I like vanilla lip balm and conversation, the elliptic quiet after a poem, wildernesses and hard to reach places--inside and out. 

After 4 years of traveling abroad and living in Chile's southern Patagonia--a place so far away they call it the end of the world--I'm back in my native California. But that sliver on the bottom of the map was backpacks full of beginnings

It's where I met winds strong enough to shore me up. Where I licked icebergs and walked on glaciers, where I froze to my bones tent-trapped in a blizzard for four days--without wishing I was elsewhere. Where I blazed a new career path editing a travel magazine for backpackers. It's where I discovered yoga, decided to meditate in a 10-day vow of silence, and where I found someone to share all the many firsts to come. Two expats (from northern Turkey and northern Cali) joined at the end of the world to cast our beginning. Then two grew to three

This is our journey. An exploration of motherhood, language, pretty things, creepy things, joy and gratitude. It's where I stargaze or hammer out life's WTFs in a hammock. It's skeletons and poppies. And it's a measure of love.


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