who doesn't like flowers?

Here's a flower, yet unplucked, freshly for you.
{pinkness by wallace santiago}
May your days filled with flowers or pretty autumn leaves, shots of sunshine or the calm of snow (when your warm inside marveling at its silence).

Funny aside about our fresh cut flower situation: They're difficult to find here. Our local market has a little section for flowers in long slender buckets. And they fill them with crispy, fake flowers--the color of urine in various stages of dehydration. Sorry, that may be too much information. They are in the fresh fruit + veg section, right next to the stoney tomatoes, and they always make me laugh or at least crack a smile or let out a little groan.

What do you think about (fake) flowers?

a little bit of everything.

{view from dorotea : by me}
The sun is shining in Puerto Natales, and has been (mostly) for a few days. Yesterday I went out in only  a sweater. Cold when the wind picked up, but I warmed myself walking. Over the weekend we hiked in similar sunshine around Cerro Dorotea, about 10 minutes driving from Puerto Natales. If the weather was like this all the time (at least for one straight season), it would make living here so much more agreeable.

{lunar hiking + martian wall calligraphy : by serkan yalin}
But there are other beautiful things. (Because it's better not to focus on what might drive one nuts.) Like the kindness of so many friends. We have already received lots of baby clothes, the second big installment came yesterday over hot chocolate and sweet chat. Another friend even gave me one of her son's hand-knitted sweaters, despite my protestations (amid gratitude). She swore that he had lots of handmade clothes and more waiting for him in Australia, where she's from originally.

We have been getting our paperwork together for S's visa interview in Santiago. This round of papers was so much easier than round one! We should pretty much finish everything today. Then off to the capital to again for doc appointments, errands, this interview, some shopping and good food.

This has been a long, difficult winter for me (I won't lie), and I welcome the coming phases, wherever they take us. For now I'm enjoying the transition into spring. Waking up from that dark hibernation that was only sometimes restful. More and more friends are returning from their winter travels into summer. The shops, all closed up for the past several months, open their doors. Trekkers shoulder their backpacks, folding and refolding their maps and dogeared travel books, looking for a place to stay or drink coffee + beer. The influx of life comforts me.

Have you ever lived in a place that closes down for certain seasons? What would you do during your hibernation?

paper cranes + words take flight.

I've fallen in love with Sandy's mission. To fold 1000 paper cranes, with 1000 different positive words, to be released in 1000 different places.

{adore from sandy and the 1000 paper cranes}
Read more about her inspiration here. She's documents the release of each crane, and writes a little about what its accompanying word means to her.

What word would you write on your crane?

dangled love.

Remember the love hanger sneak preview I posted on Friday? Well, here's the complete "hanger" project.

{my love hanger :  learn more about it at fritzi marie}
Read about what's on my hanger on Kat's blog, Fritzi Marie. The series continues, so you can also make your own and send your strung-up love to Kat.

And if you don't have time to create a hanger, I would still love to know...

What would you put on your love hanger?

friday present: sweet vintage love nudges.

This week's dose of gratitude goes a little something like this. Thankful for...


{photo by elaine ashton}
First the word streusel throw me off a little. It sounds wet, like a drizzly goo. But it comes from the German verb streuen, meaning to scatter or sprinkle, (similar to English's strew). Contrary to its juicy name, struesel is more or less dry (with a healthy punch of sugar, butter and flour), and I think it's best with brown sugar. Real brown sugar--the kind you can "pack" down--is hard to come by here. But this week I found me some brown sugar, baby. So I can perfect my blueberry coffeecake with streusel topping, a recipe my dear friend Jen sent me a while back.

vintage clutches, 

{from YellowBirdd Vintage via From Skirts to Skillets}
And good luck! I won this giveaway from Lynzy at From Skirts to Skillets. A floral clutch with gold chain courtesy of YellowBirdd Vintage. I'm diggin' this floral affair dress too, though I won't be able to fit in anything like that for a while. Incidentally, Lynzy is having a closet sale right now. Get in on the action!

heart hangers,

{my love hanger preview : photo by serkan yalin}
Once upon a time Micaela from Dolce Vita posted about a love hanger art project that Kat at Fritzi Marie is hosting. A few nights later, I found myself on the floor collaging and stringing up pieces of my life. It's a simple, meditative project that, I think, helps us reunite with ourselves a little. For me, writing about my dangling vida took me a little deeper into the love hanger journey than its initial creation. Read more about Kat's inspiration and how you can enter your hanger here. (Note: Kat has extended the deadline for entering.)

a safe haven... 

{photo by melina souza}
For (sexy) trash. Yep. Garbage. Basura. It's a real problem here, compounded by several factors. 1a.) The city does not provide garbage collection bins. 1b.) All stores give out flimsy plastic bags in horrifying quantities. Almost everyone uses these leaky, holey bags as their trash receptacles come trash day. Some toss them out as-is on the curb; most try to hang them on fence posts or in trees. 2.) Street dogs are a real problem here. They're feral, they're hungry, garbage day is thanksgiving--twice a week. 3.) Patagonia is windy. Every place has a main character, and wind is ours. 100 km/h winds are summer's norm. End result: a bloody mess. Plastic bag flags more prevalent than the obligatory Chilean flag.

The trash situation here has always stressed me out, but not in our current place. Our tiny front patio area is gated, and comes complete with a raised metal basket to safely stow our trash. Whew.

+ baby belly. 

{circa 23 weeks}
Lots of kicks and nudges these days (sometimes, we can even see the squirmer through my clothes). Of the five sense, he can now hear and he's working on his sense of touch. When he pokes, I poke back. 

What are you thankful for right now?

happy spring / happy fall / crazy moon!

There's something so comforting and cyclical about our round world. 

{photo by ianton}
Some of us are splashing in spring puddles reflecting the greening around us, appreciating warmer temperatures, shedding layers to the sun. 

Others of us kick up golden leaves fallen on the wet cement, look forward to wrapping up in scarves and brick red pea coats. 

At different times, tonight, all over the world, the full moon will make us feel crazy, relaxed or excited. I have to say after spending an under-the-weather day in bed yesterday, the full moon has me feeling creative!

How have her super powers been affecting you + your weather?

while i gather my thoughts.

In my nest research yesterday, there was so much more I wanted to share! Like these wall decals from Simple Shapes on Etsy.


Or another necklace from Wildwonderful's Etsy (who is currently away, life is like that...)

We don't know how much longer we'll be here, could be another 2-6 months. So, our current nest is temporary to be sure. Temporary's length is what keeps me up at night, woolgathering + worrying...

{photo by samantha lamb}
But it still feels good for things to look settled, do a little spring cleaning, find some old books and lost bracelets.  

{more paintings in trish grantham's etsy shop}
What helps you gather your thoughts?

to grow old like this.

{postcard nest from etsy}
Yesterday I nested. Finally. If you've been following me a while, you know I've moved a lot. With only what would fit in my car. With truckloads of borrowed furniture. With truckloads of my own furniture. And, then, once I started living the transient life of a hobo at the end of the world: With only what I could carry with me on foot. I've moved boxes into storage. To my aunt's garage. To Good Will. I've stored things in not-so-reliable places during the Patagonian winter months, only to come back to find them subsequently moved (practically) outside, growing black blotches of mold.

{scrub by danske}
Step one in my moving process includes new rubber gloves, bleach + elbow grease. Step two, here in hoboville, paint + more paint. Step three-ten, is moving, unpacking, weeding out what I don't really need (if I wasn't able to do that while packing up the old abode), shopping + decorating. Or, here, just putting up what little we have to decorate with. This usually happens within a few days of pulling all-nighters. Not so with our current digs. We've been here since the end of July, and I only finished yesterday. 

{photo by alexis mire}
Yes, friends, it's true. I've finally cleaned out and decorated our bedroom. Hello, most sacred space in the house. So sorry for neglecting you for months! You can feel that there is extra room to breathe. It's not that things weren't put away, they were (mostly). But a few odds and ends on the floor patiently waited to go up. Now that everything has a home, I feel like our mirrors and photos--even my earrings--smile upon us beatifically while we sleep. Perhaps they're just as happy as we are. 

{robin's nest necklace on etsy}
After all of my vagabonding, I am ready to settle down, have a porch, plant a garden, actually design my interior. It's a huge commitment, but I think I'm finally ready for it. My daydreams have always involved movement + travel, accomplishing something out there. Now I dream of nesting, discovering the perfect place to root down (and whoever said this has to just be one place?). I dream of living life; running marathons; traveling to new places + visiting our old stomping grounds, family, loves; all the while always having our home to return to. 

Have you found your nest? Are you afflicted by wanderlust?

friday present: from patriotism to pajamas.

Because Saturday is the new Friday (or so it seems to be for me). These are just a few of the things I'm feeling grateful for this week.

not getting caught with my flag down.

{photo by mervyn hector}
Today is Chilean Independence Day. We've been feeling the pressure building up for the last couple weeks or so, and today's the grand finale. I think joy compounds today, with a big spring welcome. The days are getting slightly longer, the weather slightly less cold (some might say warm, but not me). The other day we marveled at how many houses proudly wave their Chilean flag. We thought about how this would compare to the States or Turkey. Seriously, just about every homefront boasts a flag. The very next day I discovered that donning your flag is obligatory here. A law. Which makes all that patriotism power wane quite a bit, the flag all the more flaccid for it. But we don't have one, and nobody's come knocking on our door demanding why. Whew!

getting in touch with my inti zen. 
I'm still obsessed with this tea. I snuck back into the market on Friday to buy more Inca Rose tea, but they were all out already. So I bought a variety pack containing two of my new favorite beauties. I couldn't have gotten away with this purchase had I gone to the market with hubby, since we have a drawer overflowing with tea at home already.

days + dreaming. 

{photo by anastasia volkova}
I loved reading all of your daydreams so much, I might want to take a daydream journey with you every week. You're all so funny and beautiful! Disclaimer: I do try to live in the present. So daydreaming about something that's not necessarily in our present moment may sound a little counterproductive. But can't we shine the light of our awareness onto our daydream routines too? I think it's pretty rejuvenating.

pajama parties. 

Even if they are virtual... Diana at OneCraftyFox invited us all to a slumber party this weekend! How fun is that! I'm bringing lots of nail polish, pedicure supplies, Tarot cards, my new tea obsession + hot chocolate (with Irish Cream for my non-pregger friends) to go with her yummy chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and the wonderful Sunday brunch to be had! Fruit salad and champagne, anyone? Hope to see you there!

helping each other out. 

{photo by flabnbone}
Remember Thursday's sweet little deer? Well, Lyddie, the dear from Chic on the Cheap knew who took the photo and shared the info. I work hard to find the source of all images, but it can be a feat. And my ├╝ber slow internet connection certainly doesn't help matters. So, yes, I treasure lovely info sharing moments like these. Thank you!

What are you thankful for today?

if i was a deer...

I would totally eat your roses. 

{little explorer by andrew evans}
I'm sorry, but it's true. I would bear the thorns to savor that earth + sunshine nectar. And how could you blame me? You know that delicious moment when you bite into a piece of fruit grown fond + near the expert gardener's roses? Or when the beekeeper keeps his bee boxes oh so close to those roses? Mmmmm. 

But since I'm not a deer, I'm happy to settle for tea. Inti Zen : Inca Rose. Now, as far as the culinary arts are concerned, there's close to nuthin' to write home about in these parts. Except for maybe alfajores (some of which I sent my friend Claire, and oh the reports I got back made me crave the chocolate covered dulce de leche cookies!) and Inti Zen tea.

I already knew I loved Inti Zen, but it's not normally available here. Why? Because it's Industria Argentina. As are
good alfajores. And if you're into beef, Argentina has the market on that too. Man, how did I land on the wrong side of the border? Not that I'd trade any part of my story for the sweetness of the other side's accent. But yesterday we found Inti Zen at our supermarket here in Puerto Natales. I was so excited, I squealed and immediately wanted to buy the Patagonian Bee--with vanilla, honey + cacao. Incidentally, we were sipping Patagonian Bee when our first-kiss magic abbacadabra'ed us into this beautiful partnership. 

{from 79 ideas, isn't sugar cubes on rose petals the best idea ever?}
But then I saw it: Inca Rose. A "sensual + delicate" Earl Grey scented with rose petals. I think it's safe to say, I'm obsessed with this flavor right now. 

What are your rosy taste buds obsessing over lately?

{unattributed photos : unknown : please let me know if they're yours}

swept up + away.

I've been sorting through and editing photos to finish part II of our Uruguay trip. But it's windy here, with a touch of cold sun. 


One thing led to another, and I found myself daydreaming of flight and Mediterranean salads. Wings to take me to some warm place, maybe honeyed singing would be involved. 

 We would hold hands and spin circles barefoot in a field

till we drop, be kids again 

and land--presently--onto a picnic blanket with a book of the local flora

  open to daylight's stars. 

What's your daydream today?

on edge + the sea.

"Here I came to the very edge
where nothing at all needs saying,
everything is absorbed through weather and the sea..." 
-- Pablo Neruda

{me + the sea : parque nacional santa teresa, rocha, uruguay : by serkan yalin}

because it's never too late.

Maybe just a little late... Here is part 1 of our Uruguay travels, roadtripping up and down the Atlantic Coast. 

We started in Montevideo, where we perused bookstores with used and reasonably priced books.  

Oh, how I lamented not buying the Birds of Uruguay book. We saw so many amazing storks!  

And we saw our first opera together: The Marriage of Figaro in four acts... a five hour show sans dinner. Oopsies, we were famished.  
Though we didn't get any photos of our undernourished state. 

Just one a la Beatles. 

On our way to posh Punta del Este, we stopped for ice cream in Periopolis. 

It sounds Greek, but it reminded me more of Santa Cruz, California, 
except for the whole Atlantic theme. It was chilly, though, 
so we opted for hot drinks instead. 

Don't let the pretty palms trees fool you.

While we were both jonesin' for an Atlantic sunrise, which neither one of us has ever seen, all of our Atlantic mornings were way too overcast and foggy. 

Instead, we have lots of foggy beach photos...
+ eucalyptus groves popping out of the fog in the pampa.
One day we lost our way on the coast, + came across...

a backward fantasyland amid thick foliage. 

 I thought only a bull would be able to save me. 

But in the end, my husband came to the rescue. When the sun cut through the fog, we walked

 along the veranda of a curvy castle. 

Wishing you a beautiful week. Stay tuned...

friday present: from sunshine intentions to kicking + moaning.

This Saturday, which should be a Friday, I'm thankful and loving...

some sun! 

It's still crisp outside, of course, but the temperatures have crept up. Or I'm getting used to the chill coming off the antarctic. Or hormones are keeping me warm. One good thing about posting late, is that the rain of the last three days has subsided, and I'm lucky to write with sunshine warming my left cheek, in through the window. 

krusteaz pancake mix + real maple syrup.

{waffles by philosopher queen}
Some of the special things from Wisconsin that my dad sent included pure maple syrup + pancake mix. Every so often I make waffle batter from scratch, but it's never as light or fluffy as Krusteaz. And the last time I had maple syrup was the last time I visited the States. The morning after my springtime Christmas, I made some American-style blueberry pancakes. This morning I wanted to see how the fluffiness held up as waffles. Oh yes, it was like eating clouds with a crispy golden brown lining.

intention trees. 

{intention trees photo by mindy}
Today I came across this post from Mindy's Wish Studio blog about making fall intention trees: "a wonderful way to begin each season… to outline your goals and intentions for the months ahead." I've been a glue stick marauder of late, collaging cards into the wee hours. I'm hoping to get some girls together to create a little intention love for spring.

a bed for savasana. 

Part of being back and catching up is returning to a good yoga routine. When my yoga instructor returned (sunned and refreshed after taking a course on Tibetan singing bowls in Greece), I restarted yoga classes in the morning. I had always gone in the evenings, but nights here in the winter are too cold and dark. During savasana (the final relaxation), she's been making me a special bed, since I'm not supposed to lie on my back for more than three minutes at a time. Though somehow I end up on my back again every night, despite my better efforts. 

On Wednesdays and Fridays, this makeshift bed of a couple cushions and a couple blankets blesses me with 10 of the most comfortable minutes of my day. People often fall asleep and even snore during savasana. I've certainly fallen asleep before, but I never wanted to be one of the snorers! Yesterday morning, though, I woke myself up with a pretty prolonged moan. Yeah, Nice.

elbows to the gut.

{a rainy day, circa 21 weeks}
This week even the hubby was able to feel baby throwing some punches. I thought I might even be able to see the bugger thumpin' up a storm, but still no cigar. I know they say this is going to keep me awake at night later on, but for now it's nice to know all's well in his swimmy land.

What are you thankful for?

{unattributed photos : unknown : please let me know if they're yours}


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