father's day gift idea.

To tell you the truth, I don't even know when Father's Day is. I just know it's soon. I've been swimming through words and work, too busy to bother to look it up. My brother just left this morning, and I swore he wasn't leaving till Saturday. The house is quiet.

So, I steal a quick break to post some sweet poses. I think these would make fabulous framed gifts for Dad. I know I should just buy a really good travel knife for this household's papa, but aren't these precious?

Alright, maybe I'm thinking too much like a woman. One day our baby boy will teach me to be more manly, but not yet.And since I'm on the subject of gift ideas. Here's a great one for your breastfeeding mama friends (or their babies).

{nursing necklace}
I swear I'm gonna get this when no one is looking.

What are you getting for the dad in your life?


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

those are great poses- not sure I understand what the nursing necklace is all about- but it sure is pretty.

Stacey said...

funny, i had to ask one of my students today when father's day was because, like you, i've been almost in a trance-like and robotic state. I hope you had a grand visit with your brother and how gorgeous are the baby pics. I might have to get the nursing necklace for those future breast feeding days:-). Enjoy your weekend. XX

Gracie said...

Since it's the first Fathers Day those picture would be lovely framed.

And that necklace is so interesting. I checked it out to see what it was for exactly :)

Bron said...

Father's Day is in September here but I like the cheese plater/hamper idea I've been seeing in the blogosphere -- not for my dad though -- for the baby space man. He is crazy about cheese :)

Bron said...


OneCraftyFox said...

Those are beautiful pics, and the nursing necklace is all sorts of awesome.

Welcome back!!

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Weekend :)
You should so get that necklace, I won't tell, lol!
I am not sure what I am going to get my ole dad yet! It's next Sunday, ( so you know, he he)
Are those pics of your lil peanut and husband? They are awesome!
lots of love
gi gi

Stevie Leigh said...

Those are beautiful photos. I tend to get my dad similar things every year - all having to do with antique cars. Hey, it makes him happy :)

Stumbled upon your blog and love it!

- S from Following the Walkers

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty sweet baby pictures!

Pierre BOYER said...

Lovely pictures...
Regards from France,


Lexi said...

Gifts for Dads are so tough ... I never know what to get the men in my life!

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls

DolceDreams said...

Beautiful shots! Luckily my boys are old enough to make something...I will dig out the clay and have them go at it...from the heart is the best gift!
There are also so many amazing items for Father's day on Etsy, that won't break the bank! :)

this free bird said...

that first pics is beautiful! keep hanging in there woman. i don't know how you're fitting it all in. whew!


Ian Frederick Caton said...

Get him a necktie. Or a #1 Daddy coffee mug. and then let him sleep in and wake to the fresh smells of breakfast -- in bed ??


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