buddha baby.

As I was doing laundry, I was interrupted by thoughts that required blogging. I know this happens to you guys too, which is why I'm writing about blogging itself. I mean we're all writing these diaries; we have topics to share and stories to tell. But we never really talk about the fact that we write these diaries. We just are what we are: bloggers. And I still think blogging sounds kinda dorky, like being in band in high school. But who are the coolest saxophonists you know? I bet half of them came outta high school band. Blogging even has its own (kinda dorky) word.Not to mention the masses in the palm of its hand.

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But thoughts of blogging itself didn't make me stop folding to sit down and blog.

Enter smoky, vanilla-colored fade-in signalling a flashback (No, I never was a playwright): I am looking down at all of Rowan's little clothes. Only, they are not little. As I fold his onesies I think back to a couple weeks ago (ooh, flashback within a flashback), when I was unpacking them from the 6-month and 6-9-month storage containers. We pretty much get all Rowan's clothes from my cousin. They have two boys, born in opposite seasons, and their youngest is about 18 months old. 

As I get each next container installment, I go through the stash, pick out what I like and fold it out into piles on the floor. We don't have much closet space, so anything I think Rowan won't wear or doesn't make sense for the temperature, I put back in the container. (I wanted to take a picture of him in these penguin tuxedo footie pj's. I don't know why I didn't, and I think I better do it before he just bursts out of them.) Just a couple of weeks ago I was thinking: Hot diggity! These look like they'll fit for a while!

But today, I'm folding his jammies and sorting out which ones are already starting to feel snug. You guys, Rowan is soo-ooo healthy. He's only 4.5 months old, and we are about ready to put him in 9-12-month gear.

These pictures just make me grin every time I see them. 

So, I'm looking down at all these baby clothes wishing that something would look big on him for once--like it did when he was a baby. But even though he's giant, he is still my baby. And I guess he'll continue to be my baby well after he starts growing facial hair. Do you know how absurd it feels to think of your baby needing to shave his someday-beard? Whew. That's about as far as I'll venture into the Rowan-growing-up continuum. I'm not ready to start thinking about what happens post-facial hair.

{someday he might actually grow a mustache!}
We'll need to get this for his nursery someday.

I'm sorry I've been so absent from your blogs lately. It's been a hectic few weeks. Some days I don't even check my personal email. Can you even imagine that? I can't. Hopefully next week will be more relaxed. This weekend we're all going camping in Angels Camp, near the river where S will be working. Sounds like Rowan will have a sitter there for a couple hours there, so I can go on S's rafting trip too. 

What are your plans?
Happy Father's Day to the dads in your lives!


Anna Walker said...

Aweh! I love roly poly babies! :D
Blogging is kind of nerdy, but I was a band geek for 5 years AND I love Jeopardy. I am a little nerdy. I LOVE telling people about things I have found on the internet, and little things about my life!

So weird to think about your sweet baby boy growing a mustache one day! All guys eventually grow facial hair, just to be proud of it!


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, what a sweet child and so adorable, too. Sometimes when walking in the woods blog topics and ideas just pop up in my head.
Have a nice family weekend. xx

E. Charlotte said...

Sounds like you have great weekend plans. :) Love the pictures of your sweet baby. My nephew was born 4 days ago and I can't get enough of him! Soon, he'll start out growing all of his clothes too and we'll be so amazed at how fast it happens. Let the adventure begin!

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

u enjoy ur baby! - we will wait patiently till u have time to blog! - love pics of the lil one!!!!

Anonymous said...

the photos of Rowan are priceless, haha

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Your baby is soo adorable! He looks so happy! I love that picture with the mustache too :)
I hope you have a great relaxing weekend!

OneCraftyFox said...

I love your flashbacks, and flashbacks within those flashbacks. They do grow up super quickly... but to me he is still "baby". You *must* get that picture for his nursery, it's too cute to pass up.

Have a wonderful weekend, Heather, and Happy Fathers Day to your hubby. I hope the three of you have a great time together and that you get to go on the rafting trip.

Hollie said...

I hope you find your groove soon. :] For the record, I think moms in your position, working from home, have it the hardest. Loving those pictures of sweet little Rowan.

Pierre BOYER said...

Lovely pictures...
Greetings from France,


Signe said...

Hihi, he is such a cutie your little man, those images totally made me giggle :)
Hugs and a happy weekend Heather!

Anonymous said...

He looks so happy! Very contagious happiness. Isn't it scary how fast they grow?

DolceDreams said...

Happy Father's Day, and your little guy is adorable!!! Enjoy every second....my first little guy is now as tall as me (at 10), shows a hint of facial hair, and I am soooo sad!!!! :( It goes too quick ~

SmartBear said...

What a bubbly little guy! I know the feeling well. Mine just turned 4 and I still feel a swell of panic when I say that. He's 4 years old? REally? Sheesh.
And yes, blogging feels a little bit nerdy. But I have a tendency to get a little too excited and invested in something when I latch onto it.
Hope your father's day weekend was swell. Love your blog. It has such a lovely feel to it.

Monica said...

lol, yes, they grow up incredibly fast. i'm with her almost every moment and still am surprised at least once a week at her newest development. from baby to toddler to little girl, i swear it was a blink.

he's so cute.

hope your camping is relaxing!

Jess said...

They do grow fast, I really need to pack away the newborn stuff and pull out something bigger.
I just found your site and from the several posts I've read I do believe I'll be visiting more often.
Cute boy!

Samantha Schroeder said...

Your commentary is hilarious but incredibly real! One of the hardest things for me to do is to put away the baby clothes every month. I have saved {almost} all of my older son's clothes for his younger brother and when I take them out, I am reminded of when James use to wear them and how big he has gotten in such an amazingly short period of time, and then when Oliver grows out of them, and I know I won't see those threads again, it makes me sad. How time flies. And how fortunate it is that we find the time to blog/to write down what is going on in our daily lives so we can always look back and reflect. xo Samantha

Gracie said...

It's true sometimes blogging still sounds dorky. I really talk about it with my real life friends, unless they also blog.

But your baby is sooo cute. He has that sweet baby chubbiness that makes you want to gobble them up (don't worry I won't eat him). And your memories of him are so important. Plus all the photos. Time can go by so fast. x

Stacey said...

I share your sentiments to the t:-). R is super adorable and they do grow so fast. I don't try to do it all anymore, but spending time with the family always comes first. Enjoy it all Heather. Baby Z is a bit over 2 years old and i am amazed at how quickly the time flew, i just want to soak it all up and not miss a thing. Don't even talk about growing a mustache-so not ready for that... XX

this free bird said...

Rowan is looking AMAZING as usual!! He's such a happy guy, Heather :) Hope you're having some good days off.


gracey said...

Oh my gosh! sweet baby laughter made my day! :) i wanna pinch the cheeks of my laptop screen!

Annie said...

awww he is sooo cute. that "someday I'll grow a mustache" cracked me up. my husband will love that

Indie.Tea said...

Aww, he's so adorable! And look at his face - such a cheerful guy!
O, and I need one of those blog buttons.


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