on moving.

After being here four months, we finally found an apartment and moved into it. This meant rediscovering everything that had been in boxes in my aunt’s garage for the past 3.5 years. And the stuff we’d carried with us from Chile. Not to mention packing and unpacking the stuff we’d accumulated since (re)arriving to California. 
Anyway. During all this unpacking, I opened several old journals. Many starts lasting fewer than days with some tome-like miracles thrown in. I flipped through and read an entry here, a soppy digression there. At every new journal beginning and often in between, I lament the lack of storyline. What happened after August 23, 2005, and before January 7, 2009? Even though huge gaps glare at me from my past, I’m generally, momentarily, fascinated by what’s been noted. I feel like I’m snooping a peek into somebody else’s life. Have you ever felt like this looking back at your own writing?  
So, what’s happened since December 2, 2010, since we entered the States. Even though I feel the urge to somehow fill in the blanks, I know the blanks aren’t all that interesting. A bulleted list can’t penetrate the psychology of a timeline. So, I start here. We are now three in our own place, and it feels good. 
We have internet now, and that feels great. Let’s just say I’ve missed you all so much. Thank you for your lovely notes, comments and mail. I so look forward to catching up in the coming weeks. 
Do you keep a journal? Regularly? And how do you manage it?


Dawn said...

My blog has become my journal of sorts. Somehow that makes me sad.
I miss my writings...and yes- peeking back into my life as though I am a stranger to it.
Glad things are getting settled!

LatteLisa said...

You must be quite busy unpacking and taking care of the little guy. But it's good to know that you're having fun and I look forward to more posts ;-)

Scientific Housewife said...

My blog is my journal and I hope that I can have it around down the road to remember stuff I forget :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Welcome - we miss you too!
Hmm I suppose the blog is a tiny journal though I'm not super personal on it!

Thanks for the kind comments. I'm still trying to tweak the look of the blog!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Jen said...

I didn't know you were back in the states! Welcome back. :)

I know what you mean - when enough time passes, reading past diaries and posts is like peeking into someone else's life!

Krystal said...

welcome back heather!!!!! i have one of those 5 year journals where you write a couple lines each day and hten when you come to that day the next year you can see all the previous ones you've written in - i love it so much!


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