2 gargoyles + 3 months = 1 love.

A few weeks ago, a busy girlfriend of mine penciled us in for a babysitting date. She's a teacher, pregnant with her second daughter, and even though she's exhausted she insisted on babysitting R one day during her spring break. She said it's good for S and I to spend some time alone together. 

It was my first time away from snickerdoo--who is three months old today! And the first time S + I have been alone together, since he was born. We tried to think of something to do that you cannot do with a baby (and that is semi-close to where my friend lives in south San Jose). Museum, movie? But we wanted to be outside, it was such a beautiful day! A seedy dive bar? But there are lots of baby-friendly bars + pubs around. Who wants to dive into a dark bar during the day on a Tuesday, when the weather is so grand? Basically everywhere we wanted to go, we wanted to bring R along too. But we took her up on it... 

{here's a sunny preview}
Any hot dates lately?


Claire Kiefer said...

I think she's right--so important to remember what it's like to be present with each other without having to first think of the baby all the time. I'm sure you had a wonderful time at the boardwalk! Tuesday is perfect for a day in Santa Cruz cause it's so dreadfully crowded on the weekends.

How did Rowan do with the bottle?? If he did well, then you have another babysitter any time you want one--you and S could drop him off and go have a nice dinner somewhere and then come back to my house for wine!

Love you all!

Diana Mieczan said...

It's so sweet that you wanted to bring the little one with you. But I think its a great idea to have a date-night from time to time just two of you:) Have a lovely day, my dear and happy 3 months to the cutie! Kisses

this free bird said...

Good for you and what a sweet friend. She's right - even a little time alone just the two of you is good for all 3 of you. Glad you took her up on it :)


flwrjane said...

Wow, first visit here. Thanks for shoeing me the way.

Though we seem to have nothing in common I have instantly related to all the post of yours I just read.

Funny that. And totally why I'm a blogger.

Connection freak.

Kavery said...

It's really nice of her to offer. Great idea to spend some time together

LyddieGal said...

A fun boardwalk? Looks like a bright colorful place in the sun to be baby free -- enjoy the time with your husband, I'm sure as much as you completely love the little one, a few hours of adult time will be a welcome reprieve.

Gracie said...

Amazing! I think it's great that you guys were able to go on a date. And the weather looks pretty fantastic. What a great friend you have :)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

How lovely of your friend! And how lovely that you wanted to take your little one with you to all the fun places :)

x Jasmine

Kristin H said...

So sweet! My husband and I always treasure our times for ourselves! It is important... soon we go to Paris for a weekend and I can't wait.
Have a wonderful day:)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

We were so exactly the same on our first date after we had our eldest. And I think we pretty much talked about him non-stop too!! But it soon reverted vback to how it was before (in a lovely way), only we had this gorgeous extra person to share it all with!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Aw what a great idea!

Annie said...

awwww how nice that you got to do this! I hope you had a wonderful day together.
I love the comment you left on my blog yesterday (about the roses) - that is so sweet. I love that you're teaching the importance of the little things right from the start! :) And glad to hear you're going to start gardening!! I would love to, but the balcony of our apartment gets zero sunlight. Good luck with your planting and happy 3 months to your little one!!

DolceDreams said...

Such a smart friend you have, it is so important! And it looks like you enjoyed a gorgeous day :)
Congratulations on 3 months, after this is starts getting alot easier...

LatteLisa said...

That person is receiving 'the friend of the year' award!

Sounds fabulous to get to spend a day together.

georgia~gigi said...

Oh, so happy you had a lil outinjust the two of you! I know it is hard, but you need it!
3 months, wow!!! Love that you call him Snickerdoo, how cute!
I wish I had a Hot Date!!!! Hopefully my Love with be her in a few weeks!
Lots of love
gi gi

georgia~gigi said...

oops, needed a g for the outing and a space!



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