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This weekend we zoomed around enjoying the wide green outside. Today's grey and misty and I'm bound by home. S has the car all week, while he takes a rope access certification course in Santa Cruz. The walk score in our neighborhood would be a big fat ZER0. It's about a 40 minute walk to decent shops and groceries. A walk I'd planned to do before I tumbled out of bed this morning, but that was before baby and internet land ensnarled me. 

Let's be clear though, it's not that I really want or need to walk to the shops. It's that we don't have coffee. Or, rather, we do have coffee, but I forgot to grind it at the store before bringing it home. And we don't have a grinder. I managed with tea in the morning, but then my genius husband called and reminded me that we have Turkish coffee. No cezve to brew it in (because like so many other things we left it with a grateful friend in Patagonia), but that won't stop me. 

{cafe turco, the cezve is the copper container}
But it makes me wonder, what do you look forward to most when you get out of bed in the morning? I tend to think too much about what I want or need or should do instead of thinking how good that first cuppa is going to taste. Lately I do love waking up to a bright eyed (not yet crying) little person, who smiles a big ol' open-mouthed smile when I say good morning. 

What's your morning pleasure?


Hollie said...

honestly, I look forward to my tea, first thing.. but after that I love watching Emma wave goodbye to Bryan from the window, as he's outside waving back to her. It's the cutest thing, and starting the day with a smile on my face generally makes the rest of my day peaceful. :]

ps. I love that first photo!!

this free bird said...

peace and quiet...that's what i look forward to in the morning. just easing into the day. sometimes easier said than done :)

Karena said...

Oh coffee for sure with vanilla soy milk!! My cat Miss Belle glad to see me get up....

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LatteLisa said...

drinking coffee in peace either by myself or with hubby (I love the smell from grinding the beans) ... and it doesn't hurt if he has already bought croissants ;-)

Gracie said...

I look forward to the morning shower. It wakes me up when I'm feeling sleepy. And I usually feel a lot better after. And of course my Green tea with jasmine :)

Bella said...

You know, that is a very good question and it's got me thinking. I often wake up with a list of things to do and a slight dread at going to work. It's been awhile since I've woken up and looked forward to something like a nice cup of tea. I hope you are settling in back in the States. :)

{ Vintage by LOU LOU } said...

Mmmm first thing in the morning is hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice. It doesn't sound wonderful perhaps but I miss it when I don't have it.

But on lazy Sundays, milky coffee, croissants and reading the paper.


{ Vintage by LOU LOU } said...
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Krystal said...

first, that pic is so cool! I look forward to this amazing muesli/yogurt cereal that I found. I want to eat it for lunch and dinner too :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I look forward to a morning workout - it's part of our new fitness routine!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Nikki said...

I imagine once I have children I'll like being at home in the mornings, but otherwise I prefer to get up and get out of the house. Whether it's walking the dogs, or grocery shopping, or going to work. I hate a cold house in the morning and like to get moving.

Turkish coffee sounds amazing!

acommonthread said...

yum, turkish coffee does sound amazing. these past few days, when i wake up, i usually grab my knitting needles and knit before i actually get out of bed. and i have a long coffee process in the mornings as well (on weekends anyway).

Christine said...

I do look forward to breakfast first thing every morning. But I'm sure a baby that is not crying and coffee does wonders for a new mother:)

drollgirl said...

you make me wish that i drank coffee!

i am trying hard to think what i look forward to in the mornings. certainly not my gnarly commute! lol. seeing the kitties always puts a smile on my face, even tho i am one gigantic grouch most mornings. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Is Serkan seriously driving to and from Santa Cruz every day this week? That is brutal!

The promise of coffee is often the ONLY thing that gets me out of bed.

Wish it were summertime so I could drive over there and keep y'all company while you're carless, but alas, workworkwork. Soon enough.

love you.

Jenny @ The Jenny Adventure said...

I love that photo!!
Lately, I've been getting up early and going to the gym before work. I look forward to my hot shower afterwards and then my bagel and coffee breakfast.

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I look forward to getting to work so I can have a hot cup of tea with honey and some hot buttered toast. Mmm!

x Jasmine

Signe said...

Got to have a hot shower and an iced coffee or I am a monster all the way up til lunchtime :)

Hugs and a happy Easter to you and your family!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I, rather embarrsassingly, went through a phase were my first thought when I opened my eyes was 'blog'!! I had to really be strict with myself about not blogging before breakfast. I've sttled down now but I look back and laugh at my manic blog-brain!!!



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