10.10.10 + 1.

10.10.10 is pretty much over all over the world. Yesterday it would have actually been 10.10 p.m. here, but we've just sprung forward, so suddenly it's 11.27 p.m. (o.k. so not really 10.10, but close, no? see, honesty can get in the way of telling a good story!). Chile will celebrate the three tens with another dia feriado on Monday. Actually, I don't know which saint we're supposed to celebrate, but everything's closed again. It's pretty incredible how many "holidays" there are here every week! 

{pale blue ten by caro's lines}
To celebrate the tens, I thought I would share ten random things in the order that they appear to my fingertips. 
  1. I'm a horrible shopper. It's not that I don't love clothes + jewelry + books + housewares + groceries + outdoor gear. But when it comes to shopping for anything, you may find me a little stressed, perhaps unable to breathe deeply. 
  2. We ate dinner at a quarter to midnight tonight.  
  3. As much as it may frustrate the efficiency control freak in me, I am fascinated at how people search for things online. 
  4. My favorite cereal as a kid was Life (and we've found some in Santiago; it's as simple and quick to sog as it always was!). Barbara's Shredded Spoonfuls replaced this childhood fave when I started shopping at good ole Trader Joe's. 
  5. I love looking into my husband's eyes. How our eyes meet spontaneously sometimes, and we dive in--just splish--nary a splash.  
{artichoke by mary beth griffo rigby}
  1. Artichokes comfort me (as does dark chocolate and coffee ice cream).
  2. I write haikus to our unborn baby, who likes to hang on the left side of my belly. 
  3. I have dreamed of blog friends I've never even met, or they have visited my dreams. 
  4. Four people attended our 10-minute wedding last year. My aunt has lovingly stored the wedding dress that both her mom and sister (my grandma and mom) wore for me. I hope to wear it for a reception or recommittment ceremony in the States someday. 
  5. I think it's amazing how many people we are to the people in our lives (wife, daughter, sister, niece, friend, teacher, student, grammar nazi, stranger on the subway, one day mother). I wonder what kind of mother I will be.
What's the first random thing you think about yourself?


Kerry said...

A colleague of mine had her baby yesterday, at ten pm. Can you believe that!

Dawn said...

Oh I like reading all these things about you!
I've only just come across your blog, but think it's neat that we both are horrible shoppers and like LIFE:))
(Every time I ate in when I was a kid...we wouldn't stop saying "Mikey Likes it"...remember the commercial for it?
Happy day to you...
Thanks for stopping by my blog world:)

Jess said...

I often think about the different roles we play in our lives too. Its amazing that we can be so many different people all at once :)

yours truly dear said...

umm...i cant smell and everyone forgets. even my husband and parents. it's kind of funny. [that's my random thing, just to make that clear...haha]

also, the other day i was driving on the freeway and thought "all of these people live their own lives and see the world from their eyes and have people that matter to them too." it's very interesting to think about different people and how they really are so many things to others.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

What a sweet list! I can only attest to what I read, but I have a feeling you'll be a thoughtful, inquisitive, caring mom!

ilovemyhouse said...

I totally agree about the shopping. I kinda hate it.

Signe said...

Such a cute post!
I love Artichokes as well and I bet you will be a great mom :)

Jude said...

I loved reading your list of 10. I'm sure you'll be a lovely mamma (I find dark chocolate and coffee ice cream very comforting too, and also get stressed about shopping:).

Krystal said...

You'll be a great mom =) This was a fun post to read about you!

Nicole said...

Hello dearest! I hope you're feeling well today. :] I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions. I'm so nervous about running outdoors in the winter, but I'm glad to know that it really is DOABLE. I'll look into those headwrap things! I've seen them before, but never actually had the need to buy them. One thing that will be nice about running in the winter though is that I won't stop until I get to my destination. It'll be too cold to give up and walk. :]

Also, thanks so much for the tips on focusing. I find that it's difficult to remember what the purpose of certain tasks are (like studying chemistry).

Thanks for being such a great blogger friend! I'll be keeping you, your hubby, and your baby in prayers today! :D

Coffee and a Book Chick said...

My one year anniversary was yesterday -- 10/10/10! :) Love it!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh I love that list so much:)...Its truly amazing that each of us can have so many roles...I agree with you,sweetie
Have a great Monday

Stacey said...

Beautiful post and i'm not a terrible shopper. In fact, i'm too good a shopper(therein lies my problem:-)). I love me some dark chocolate and i know without a doubt that you'll be a great mom. XX

walrus studio said...

I had cereal for dinner!!

georgia~gigi said...

Oh, I so love this Perfect 10 post!
Hm, where to start? I really like Life ceral, I try to get my kids to eat it, but they just think it is ok!
I have had dreams about Bloggie friends too! I am a vivid dreamer :)
I am pretty certain you will be the best mom!
gi gi

Poppies and Sunshine said...

What a great idea for 10-10-10 to share 10 things random things that you thought of!
When I shop, I can get stressed too. Glad to know I'm not the only one!
I love artichokes too! They are soo delicious!!

Krystal said...

thanks for your sweet congrats ;)

Škorčica said...

Firstly: I kind of hate shopping aswell (gets me headacke) and I'm proud of that! :)

Secondly: When I was a little girl, I invented and repeated the word, nobody knew what it meant. Still don't. And everybody still teasing me about how should I finally explain it. :)

Last but not least: If you're asking yourself that question, then you're going to be the best mother! :)

Faiza said...

Life cereal was a staple of my childhood too. Thank you for the morning smile!

Dancing Branflake said...

Love this! You are definitely random in a good way!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

i think you will be an amazingly wonderful mother. :)

OneCraftyFox said...

Oh, I love your list of tens!! So thoughtful, you have such a kind heart.

The first thing I think about at the end of the day is... knowing my kitty is going to be waiting to greet me at the door. It'll be "meow, meow, meow" and lots of cuddles for the first 2 min after I step inside :)

MarchMusings said...

I find it amazing too how many roles we play every day and how smoothly we switch from friend to wife to employee to daughter to sister and so on...

this free bird said...

First random thought: my hair is getting really long.

I love that you ate dinner at a quarter to midnight. I do that often and wipe away any feelings of guilt that try to come my way. I listen to my body :)

And I think you're going to be a great mom. You have abounding patience and a very kind heart. I can't wait to hang out someday and pee my pants laughing w/you and Claire!!


this free bird said...

ps-i hope she wears sparkly shoes!

Zabrinah said...

I LOVE #5!

That's a part of life to look forward to, everyday. Never take it for granted! I love it!

Thanks for sharing with us .




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