friday present: sweet vintage love nudges.

This week's dose of gratitude goes a little something like this. Thankful for...


{photo by elaine ashton}
First the word streusel throw me off a little. It sounds wet, like a drizzly goo. But it comes from the German verb streuen, meaning to scatter or sprinkle, (similar to English's strew). Contrary to its juicy name, struesel is more or less dry (with a healthy punch of sugar, butter and flour), and I think it's best with brown sugar. Real brown sugar--the kind you can "pack" down--is hard to come by here. But this week I found me some brown sugar, baby. So I can perfect my blueberry coffeecake with streusel topping, a recipe my dear friend Jen sent me a while back.

vintage clutches, 

{from YellowBirdd Vintage via From Skirts to Skillets}
And good luck! I won this giveaway from Lynzy at From Skirts to Skillets. A floral clutch with gold chain courtesy of YellowBirdd Vintage. I'm diggin' this floral affair dress too, though I won't be able to fit in anything like that for a while. Incidentally, Lynzy is having a closet sale right now. Get in on the action!

heart hangers,

{my love hanger preview : photo by serkan yalin}
Once upon a time Micaela from Dolce Vita posted about a love hanger art project that Kat at Fritzi Marie is hosting. A few nights later, I found myself on the floor collaging and stringing up pieces of my life. It's a simple, meditative project that, I think, helps us reunite with ourselves a little. For me, writing about my dangling vida took me a little deeper into the love hanger journey than its initial creation. Read more about Kat's inspiration and how you can enter your hanger here. (Note: Kat has extended the deadline for entering.)

a safe haven... 

{photo by melina souza}
For (sexy) trash. Yep. Garbage. Basura. It's a real problem here, compounded by several factors. 1a.) The city does not provide garbage collection bins. 1b.) All stores give out flimsy plastic bags in horrifying quantities. Almost everyone uses these leaky, holey bags as their trash receptacles come trash day. Some toss them out as-is on the curb; most try to hang them on fence posts or in trees. 2.) Street dogs are a real problem here. They're feral, they're hungry, garbage day is thanksgiving--twice a week. 3.) Patagonia is windy. Every place has a main character, and wind is ours. 100 km/h winds are summer's norm. End result: a bloody mess. Plastic bag flags more prevalent than the obligatory Chilean flag.

The trash situation here has always stressed me out, but not in our current place. Our tiny front patio area is gated, and comes complete with a raised metal basket to safely stow our trash. Whew.

+ baby belly. 

{circa 23 weeks}
Lots of kicks and nudges these days (sometimes, we can even see the squirmer through my clothes). Of the five sense, he can now hear and he's working on his sense of touch. When he pokes, I poke back. 

What are you thankful for right now?


Claire Kiefer said...

I am thankful for baby Yalin! This is the greatest belly pic yet, as he's really starting to assert himself. Can't wait to get my hands on that sweet thang once he's born!

cherie said...

beautiful photos. ^^
and I am so happy for you! :) I bet it must be a wonderful feeling to know that soon you`re going to be a mom. :)


Valerie said...

Congrats on winning the giveaway!!! That streusel looks incredible. I had a good laugh at your comments yesterday. Coffee and wine are also on my guilty pleasures list. Basically my list was getting so long I had to cut it down. And the prank calling. Seriously, nothing boots my spirits like a good prank call. As I've gotten older, the recipients of my calls have changed though. Now my prank calls are mostly to my husband and he usually knows it's me right away. But every once in a while I'll pull a fast one on him and oh boy is it funny! Hope you have a great weekend!


Collette Osuna said...

Love your thankfuls:)
Im thankful for my happy, healthy children, a successful job that I love, and my newly built house that Ive made into our home:)

Have a Fabulous day!
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Kellie Collis said...

Lovely photos! The heart hangers is my favorite. Wonderful weekend ahead, Kellie xx

Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Lovely belly pic!! And I'm all about streusel, too!

yours truly dear said...

oo, i love that clutch! lucky girl :] and your belly pic is so sweet, i love it. i'm just thankful that it's the weekend and i have time to play with friends and have some fun. cheers!

DolceDreams said...

You're getting close! I have such wonderful memories of this stage of pregnancy :)
I am thankful it's friday! When your baby is of school age, it will take on a whole new meaning...


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron

Bella *Bellgetsreal said...

So many things....

My new baby puppy, family, that it is Friday, Time with my husband, having a part time job that I like etc etc

Love the baby bump, so cute. We use to see my daughters hand across my stomach when I was in my last trimester. She is still fiesty.

Oh, My Darling said...

Aw, hooray for a baby update!!!!

this free bird said...

Oh Heather you look darling!! I love when they start squirming around so much the mama's t's start bouncing.

I'm getting kinda weepy.

And you won that dreamy clutch purse thingy? I had my eye on that and am so happy for you!!

I'm thankful it's almost time to get my eye-spy on for dateline....exciting friday nights over here!

Tamara Nicole said...

Baby belly is soooo cute!!!

Love this happy post:-)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Vintage clutches! Couldn't agree more with that!
And the baby bump is too cute!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Alisa said...

That streusel looks so delicious

Signe said...

Lovely post and you look great with your little baby belly!!

Have a lovely Saturday :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are adorable!! Being pregnant is such an exciting time! xo

and flowers pick themselves said...

coffee runs with my mom, fall weather, good friends, NHL hockey, urban outfitters sale section, bob dylan tickets, indoor plumbing...


GREAT list!

xo Alison

Style Attic said...

Thank you for stopping by! Love your blog and this post!! I can't tell you or even put into words what being a mom is like. It's the best gift and most love you could ever hold :) XO, Kelly

georgia~gigi said...

Aw, look at you two growing! How wonderful! You look so darn cute!
Congrats on your clutch it is super cute!
gi gi

Jen said...

Ahhh, I love your little baby belly! How exciting that he's a'kickin and squirmin' around - I bet that never gets old!

Becca [Free Honey] said...

That's so exciting that there's lots of baby movement! You got a little dancer in there!! Celebrate with a little struesel.

koralee said...

Oh my are way too cute for words today...I thought your images could not get better than that streusel but I was wrong...your baby belly gets an A+++
Hugs. xoxo

Sarah Klassen said...

Lovely! I bet you cannot wait to meet this little mister -- so exciting!

I am thankful for kind people who remind me that small gestures mean so much, for family and friends, for God, for dreams...

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Micaela said...

i am thankful for baby Yalin too! how CUTE is your baby bump?!

i'm SO glad you played along with kat's love hanger project because yours is seriously my favorite. So much love and light... so very you.

the trash and problems (esp. the feral dogs) just makes me sad :( i wish i could rehabilitate them and find them homes. lol

speaking of dogs, must get going to work. Work on sundays depresses me lol but! you asked what we're thankful for today so:

i'm thankful for this yummy coffee in my Elvis cup- found for a $1 at the thrift store on my lunch break yesterday- SCORE!!!

i'm thankful for the rain outside... it is my happy weather.

i'm thankful for another season of DEXTER!


love love love xo

Middle-aged Diva said...

Lovely photos! Hugs to you...can't wait for your next letter!


Anonymous said...

i feel so happy for you whenever i see the pictures of your growing belly!

the chirpy bird said...

Oh I'm so grateful that I stumbled across your blog today... You've given me some inspiration in a time of heaviness and that I'm extremely grateful for!
xo tash

Krystal said...

i had not thought about how the word streusel is pretty weird...but now i don't like it!


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