around the sun.

It’s a time of great change for our family, and I’m looking at it as a new leaf for me as I celebrate my life. Which is to say, I enjoy a birthday right after Linden. 

A year has zoomed by, and suddenly my baby is near toddling. It’s apropos that airplanes are Rowan’s favorite thing to draw right now (and for the past several months). For my birthday, he drew me airplanes. Serkan let me sleep in like a teenager, even though it meant we’d have to hike closer to home—not in the mountains as planned—and brave the midday heat. I awoke with a kiss on my cheek from Rowan and a happy birthday whisper-song, sung through a smile so long it tinied his eyes. 

We picked up some stone fruit from the farmer’s market on the way to the trail. We walked down down down to the American River. The trail was mostly shaded and we found a patch of shade by the river, where we ate hard boiled eggs, toast, peaches, and plums. Since we were totally alone, and it was hot, and it was my birthday, we skinny dipped. Cold! Refreshing. Rowan practiced pressing his face in the water, because he’s a penguin. Linden paddled the water with his hands and toes and stuffed his mouth with rocks and sticks at every turn. 

On the way back up up up the hill, Linden slept on me again. Rowan walked the whole way with a good attitude and kept step with his baba. We dropped the kids off with beautiful friends, and mama and baba enjoyed a peaceful, slow dinner. We talked about our dreams for the near future. How our journey to this crossroads has taught us about the kind of life we want to live. It’s exhilarating and deliberate, like leaping into an icy river (Inhale! Excite!) on a hot day (Exhale. Enter.). Breathe. Release.

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