The last couple of years...

I'm back to thinking about the last couple of years. The idea of being ready to put down roots. But where? I'm back to thinking about the past couple years and their what-fors? I like having strange conversations with people who ask me eversosweetly WTF are you doing? I have pocketfuls of sweet replies. I don't tend toward the generic, but often sincerity'll just get you into trouble. However, I do sometimes think about real answers to whys after the fact.

I'm thinking about the past couple years... I've met wonderful people; climbed mountains; reached 6,000 meters with soroche; licked icebergs and walked on glaciers; swam with pink Amazonian dolphins and milky Black Sea jellyfish; huddled in overflowing overnight toiletless buses alongside chickens, sacks of potatoes and huge Andean families; viewed other galaxies from a telescope in the clearest desert nights and thought we are so small; froze to my bones, tent-trapped in a blizzard for four days, without wishing I was elsewhere; been stuck in undesirable places waiting out national protests; been knocked on my ass by the Patagonia wind, over and over; landed a many-hatted job editing a travel mag at the end of the world; learned a new language and new softwares; let go emo-baggage; sat in meditative silence for 10 days (yet still somehow manage to overreact to trivialities); realized that being is a lifelong practice; experienced too many firsts to list; found love, someone to share all the many firsts to come; found yoga and the red chair swing that hangs from a scrub oak in Portugal where I sit right now.

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Elena said...

I'm only a teensy bit jealous of you and your world travels. Wishing I could get in on some of that. Thank goodness for your blog so I can at least experience it from afar. I can't wait to see you in a few months!!


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