in a family state of mind.

I wrote a full blog last night, Firefox crashed, and none of it saved. It's definitely time for me to change browsers. Sigh la vie.

It's been a rough couple of weeks with a feverish baby, who needed antibiotics and then broke out with a full body rash allergic reaction to said antibiotics. Then I caught the bug. Add teething, familial sleeplessness, and some odd behaviors that can likely be attributed to separation anxiety to the mix. Whew, welcome to toddlerhood!

Monday was my last day of my old job where I worked in from my home office in Rowan's closet. Rowan never took to bottles and I never really had to worry about that and hardly ever had to pump, because I've been able to stay close enough to breastfeed him whenever he wants. I won't miss the low wage, no benefits, or no vacation. But I will miss my boy, working from home and from cafes, and eating lovingly made lunches and snacks from my husband. I will miss my boys.

But missing is good, right? This is a step in the right direction for our family. And I am ever grateful to have been able to spend this past year with Rowan. S is going to stay home with him so we won't have to pay for child care, in all the ways that you pay for child care.

I start my new career job on Monday, so for the rest of this week I'm on staycation. I originally thought that I'd only have four days off in a row, and I was thinking of spending it roadtripping to the snow or someplace pretty. Oh me and wanderlust. Instead we're just chillin'. My to-do list for the week includes purging, primping, lightening. Also playing, hugging, loving--but that's not the kind of stuff to put on a do-to list.

I'm excited for the purge especially. We've had lots of stuff come into our lives over the past year, and not enough exit. I think this causes blockages, obstructing the natural flow of things. Imagine if all you did was inhale with nary an exhale. Well, you'd burst! And that my friends is what I'm on the brink of.

Today you might find me scrubbing the bathtub with my new homemade cleaning solution of vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and baking soda. I polished our teapot and panini machine with it last night. Wondrous! What adventures are you up to?


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

It's wonderful to be in a family state of mind. Sorry to hear about your firefox thingy.

Hollie said...

1. I'm cracking up @ sigh la vie.

2. Good luck with your new adventure.

3. That last picture of Rowan. So cute!

No adventures over here, really. Just school, and child rearing. Living the life, you know. haha

Claire Kiefer said...

Are you using white vinegar for your new cleaning solution? I wanna try it! I loooooove the idea of a staycation. I can't think of anything dreamier right now. I feel like I run around from place to place all the time, and while I do ultimately like my busy life, how I long for a few days to just relax! Spring Break, where are you??

Kavery said...

Loved seeing the latest picture of your bubs. He's growing so well

honey my heart said...

congratulations on your new job. hoping that you enjoy it!

Di said...

Oh! How exciting! I hope that the new job goes well - brave leap - but probably a good one I am sure! Rowan will be so excited to see you home in the evenings that I am sure your heart will melt with every return!

Gracey said...

Congratulations to your new job and get love love to baby Rowan! :)

shopgirl said...

Oh, Heather....I hope you've had time to breathe and that you're feeling better since you wrote this post. I know what you mean though about inhaling and exhaling, etc....You described it perfectly. This past weekend I had hoped to get some stuff done but all I did was eat and sleep for the most part.

p.s. your men look very happy in these picw.


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