hair story.

Self-Portrait With Cropped Hair by Frida

I have a confession to make. I don't shave. After living abroad I stopped and started epilating. I learned (mistakenly or no) that pretty much only American women shave their legs. Yes, epilating hurts, but the more you do it the less it feels like pain. You never get that five o'clock shadow of spikiness and it lasts for weeks. Well, hair grows in cycles, so epilating every week is best. I think I might be hairier than most, so maybe others can get away with longer intervals.

So did I mention, tweezing hair out by the root in mass quantities hurts? And it especially hurts the first go around when you have lots of hair to remove. When we moved back to the States, I was nearly 8 months pregnant and I'd sold my epilator with its Chilean-style plug. So the leg hair grew. I ordered a new epilator after Rowan was born--using my phone while breastfeeding, which is how I accomplished anything not baby related the first few months.

But the truth is, I've hardly used the thing. The noise scares Rowan, and having him nearby just makes me more tense. Though I find singing really helps alleviate the pain. Anyway, my baby is one now, it's almost spring, and I'm turning over a new leaf. Which is that I intend to spend more of my days with less hair on my body.

Do you shave? Go au naturel? Wax? How often?


Kristin H said...

Hairy stories makes me think of Patty Smith and her horses album... in my teenage years I thought that was cool:) (her hairy underarms)

Nuit Hernandez said...

I wax :) and love it.

BellaGetsREal said...

I went through a phase where I tried to pluck all of my armpit hairs...I so wanted that smooth hairfree look. But after months I finally had to stop. It is quite embarrassing when you've missed a few hairs and don't know it.

SmartBear said...

I don't know if I can do the epilator. I wax my brows and my (ahem) OTHER areas, but I really don't grow enough hair on my legs to wax them. I shave about once a week. I rarely shave my thighs because hair just doesn't grow there. I love my wax lady though. She is amazing!

Hollie said...

I started to read this post when you first wrote it.. but go figure, I was reading it on my phone, and never made it all the way thru. And then yesterday I was shaving and I remembered that I never finished it. (I'm pretty sure this puts me into the batshit crazy category. lol) I shave two to three times a week. But I hate it. I would like to to do laser removal, it's just kind of expensive.


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