jetted + lagging.

Preface: I actually wrote this last night, but our internet crashed... boo. 

Last few hours to enter to host Cuppie on beautiful adventures of your choosing!  

Whew. We spent most of today traveling to Santiago after a couple of days on little sleep. I've been swimming through piles of immigration papers for my husband, so we can finally get our booties to the U.S. Tomorrow, bright and early, we squeeze into the sardine-crowded metro system en route to the embassy. And hopefully hopefully hopefully! finally finally finally! file the papers that have been weighing me down for months! 

I won't go into all of our attempts, waiting and thumb twiddling jazz. The back story is, after all, just a bunch of bureaucratic acrobatics. I will just say, with a huge sigh of relief, that my Chilean ID arrived yesterday. A key piece in our direct consular filing puzzle. Had it not come, I'd mapped out plan B (B is for begging, with affidavits of supporting evidence, of course), but thankfully I won't have to rely to plan B.

Meanwhile, it's lovely to be a little bit warmer and have fresher choices at the market. Fresh baby spinach, strawberry, cashew + blue cheese salad featured in tonight's quick fix of a dinner. And blueberry juice! Oh, yes, I am one happy camper. Also looking forward to eating Thai food, going to the movies, shopping for stationery and shoes, maternity clothes, cosmetics and all manner of pretty things, crossing doctor appointments off the to-do list. And then heading to Uruguay for a week on super cheap tickets!

{photo : unknown : please let me know if it's yours!}
P.S.: I'll be announcing the winner of The Cupcake Challenge the next chance I have this afternoon, when I have more than this handful of minutes to dedicate to it.   That means, there's still a few hours left to enter
P.P.S.: I didn't have to rely on Plan B. And step one and two of the process are complete! My backpack turned featherweight after the load of papers I dropped off. Or maybe it was just the spring in my step. More on this soon! 


Nicole said...

I love that passport photo... and fresh strawberries... and Thai food... and coffee... and new stationary!!!

Good luck on step 2 of your process!!!

koralee said...

Paper work and all that visa/passboard stuff is a hassle..we just went through it all with my daughter's student visa.

Wishing you a great day my friend. The cupcake challenge sounds amazing..sorry i missed it. xoxox

Jen said...

I know you'll feel so relieved once all of the paperwork and stuff is resolved!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Ahh- I have been there and done that. As a Canadian married to an American and living here- Oy Vey AND both my monkeys are duel as well- Let me tell you giving birth to two american's didn't make my process ANY easier- just checking a different box.

DolceDreams said...

Your salad sounds divine...Good luck on your new venture :)

Claire Kiefer said...

So glad it's getting easier for you and Serkan, and can't wait to have a "welcome home" party for y'all. East Bay East Bay East Bay!

Bella said...

How wonderful for you! I'm glad things are working out.

Indie.Tea said...

What a lovely happy post. Your photograph is lovely, and I hope you enjoy your upcoming adventures.

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

busy busy busy! paperwork is the worst, but it sounds like it's all working out for you. :)

ooo blueberry juice sounds so interesting! i don't think i've ever had it before. :P

ps - thanks for your sweet comment on my little outfit. ;)

Stacey said...

I've had to deal with that passport and paperwork stuff so i know what you're going through. However, it sounds like it will be resolved soon so that's great! I love your pics too:-)

this free bird said...

I'm so happy for you Heather. You are on my mind and I owe you an email. I bet that backpack could have just floated away...I so know where you are.




Good luck getting that all done! You'll be so relieved when it's finished :)

Krystal said...

I am so crossing my fingers for your paperwork stuff!

Hiking in Stilettos said...

Best of luck with the process! I know you are relieved. The US will be so happy to have you back! :)


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