happy new year, hello to you.

The day after Christmas we visited my dad, stepmom, and brother in northern Wisconsin. (It's the first time my dad met S or his grandson.) They live on the outskirts of a tiny one-horse town with one stoplight, one Piggly Wiggly, and an ice cream store called Phat Ice Cream with a fat sign featuring a blissed-out pig diving into a triple cone.

This is where life is simple and the ice fishing is good. Play dates (and maybe adult dates) happen at McDonald's, everyone seems to know (or know of) everyone else, and even the women wear their hunting camo jackets to run errands. Unfortunately we missed the outhouse races out on the frozen lake. Folks ice fish from outhouses, cute ones with sliver-moon windows. Later in the winter they'll race the beauties across the lake.

There wasn't much snow, but we stuffed Rowan into his snow suit anyway and wrapped him into the carrier for walks in the frigid cold. When the wind bit my cheeks, I'd bury my face into sleeping Rowan's hot hood like the lucky mama I am.

We had a turkey dinner, and I made turkey soup with the leftovers. My dad cooked us lots of hearty breakfasts, and we ate lots of red meat, including venison nachos. Rowan learned how to crawl up stairs. We played copious amounts of late-night double Pinochle, in between Rowan's wake ups.

In the middle of the 10-day visit, S and I took a weekend road trip to Chicago to see two of his cousins, the first people from S's  family to meet Rowan. My husband may or may not have broken his nose (again) while playing hide-and-seek with Rowan to ease his screaming during a car diaper change in a Chicago garage.

We had a great time with the family and I couldn't ask for a better trip overall. On the flight back, we had all three seats to ourselves and Rowan behaved super. I nursed him to his heart's content. He slept, he played, cooed, sang, ate, flirted, and won the hearts of the stewardesses and in-flight neighbors.

So, I've been rather disconnected. It may be a tad bit late, but...

May you have a peaceful, joy filled New Year.


Hollie said...

I can't help but giggle at your description of your father's town. It's soooo Wisconsin! :] I'm glad you guys had a good trip! And Chicago! One of my favorite cities.

Happy new year to you, Heather.

DolceDreams said...

Happy New year! It sounds like a wonderful time...I spent my very young years ( one to 6) in Wisconsin and Michigan...there are so many wonderful and down to home places there!

All the best to you this year,

Claire Kiefer said...

So glad the trip went well--can't wait to hear about it in person. Let's plan our date ASAP! I miss you lots.

SmartBear said...

What a lovely trip...and the photos are great! So glad your little one got to meet the fam!

Anonymous said...

Apart from the nose thing, it seems like you guys had a wonderful trip ;-)

Happy New Year Heather!

Punctuation Mark said...

Happy New Year!!! what a beautiful city is Chicago!!!

shopgirl said...

These are wonderful pictures of your holiday Heather. I'm glad you all had a wonderful time and got to spend Christmas together. And I hear you about being late on the New Year's wishes. I'm still wishing people a happy new year :-).

Wishing you a fantastic year! And yes, you must come visit me if you're ever in italy.


Faiza said...

Wishing you and your family a happy new year!

fifth floor apartment said...

loveliness! i love the photos of the fields flying by. happy belated 2012 to you as well!

xo alison

Stacey said...

i've never been to Wisconsin, but i have driven through towns like the one you described. sounds like you had an awesome time with family. love the pics! Here's to great things for 2012! xx

Kristin H said...

Happy New Year Heather!! Long time, So glad you had a great trip:)


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