mirrors are the way to go.

Not much going on in these parts. I've been working on a couple of mini essays for the blog, but nothing that I can seem to finish in the amount of time I have between working, caregiving, and nesting. After being on the computer all day for work and often not leaving the house at all, it's hard to sit at the computer even more.

I already feel like I'm neglecting things as it is. After baby is asleep, it's time for S + I to spend a pocket of time together. To remember what it was like to be a couple, just like in those pictures we put up on the photo wall over the weekend. 

{mantel by my sister's suitcase}
Meanwhile a million little things tug at my eyeballs: a sea of correspondences, Rowan's baby book to assemble, books to read, nails to be trimmed, floors to be cleaned, fabric to iron, a mantel to decorate. Not to mention the deeper endeavors of meditation, yoga, love letters. Our baby still wakes up a whole lot, though it's been getting better. Last night he gave us three hours of uninterrupted adult time. But tonight he's woken up twice already and it's not even 9.30. We take baby steps. How do all you mamas do it? I used to be organized.

{mantel by perfectly imperfect}
But let's talk about mantels. We have a fireplace! A super 1970s fireplace, complete with oozing mortar between the brickwork and dark faux wood paneling above the mantel. I'm not complaining, because I love the fact that we even have a fireplace. But somehow I would love that space to be lighter and whiter. Sure it's an apartment, but unless we change countries again, we'll be staying here for a while. So... I've been seeking mantel inspiration. And I'm seriously considering wallpaper.

Do you have a mantel? What's going on up there?


bicocacolors said...

the last one is an excellent idea!
thanks a lot,

Daisy said...

I wish I had a mantle. love the inspiration photos. show us pictures when you finish decorating yours!

Hollie said...

We have a fireplace, but no mantle. :[ I keep saying I'm going to build one, but eh.. we'll be moving soon enough.

As far as staying organized, I started purging my belongings after becoming a mom. I guess that's why. Minimalism for the win, haha! :]

Krystal said...

no mantel here :( but i could sure use a fire right about now!

Mama Gone Green said...

I have a mantel and it has photos, a vase of dried lavender and some other clutter on it!
I can tell you that 90% of my organization flew out the door when I had kids!

Claire Kiefer said...

You have some wonderful examples & inspiration. I know it's gonna be beautiful, whatever you do. And I can't wait to see it in person.

DolceDreams said...

Since becoming a mother I have learned to let go of all of the rigidity and expectations that I had with myself (at least I try !) I do what I can and try not to judge myself :)... good luck with the sleep part, I still get woken up with nightmares, but before I know it they will be out of the house and I will miss it all... Show us what your mantel ends up like! Oh and I have a giveaway going on, please drop by and enter if you get a chance !

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

in 3 1/2 yrs the Mr and i have never had more than 30mins time alone, and i've never had more than 3hrs consecutive sleep.

writing it out makes me want to cry. lol

but working and coming home to children and a home all needing attention, that's tough.

small things every day i guess. that's how i do it with my beautiful velcro child.

Kristin H said...

Love the daringness in Wallpaper. I say go for it.
Have a lovely weekend!

Kristin H said...

Love the daringness in Wallpaper. I say go for it.
Have a lovely weekend!

Annie said...

You are SO lucky that you have a fireplace! I can't wait to have a fireplace.. AND a mantel! Have a wonderful weekend Heather!

Anonymous said...

love fireplaces, love wallpapers

what was I saying?

PS. I have three children and I can't remember being all that sleep deprived. I guess we got lucky, except for the time when one of our kids had an infant colic. That was a tough period.

OneCraftyFox said...

Hello my sweet friend! I am excited that you are settled into a new place to call your home, even if it is a rental. I am all moved into my new apartment as well... unfortunately I do not have a lovely mantel. I adore the top pic that you posted, loving the pop of bold colors!!

Hope you are doing well... sending a big warm hug your way... :)

xoxoo Diana

fifth floor apartment said...

i've never had a mantle but i use my windowsills the same way: candles, photos, and right now-- pumpkins :)

xo Alison

The Dolls Factory said...

Great photos
Always following
The Dolls Factory

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Oh I wish I had a mantle because I love what can be done with them! I hope you share a picture of yours when you are done decorating it :) I especially love how they can be decorated at holiday time.

Did you make that pumpkin cheesecake yet? :)


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