I've been making postcards with what little material I have on hand. Trying not to buy anything, and so the magazine clipping possibilities steadily diminish. Still, I'll soldier on and the first batch will be mailed within the next few days. Let's see how they'll hold up crossing the continents. It's never too late to add more, so send me your address to receive something via post!

Send and receive correspondences by post. This kinda goes with the postcards, but it's bigger than they are. Like letters big. Someday I would love to make my own paper to go along with this.

Playing with old pictures on the computer and removing them from their contexts. The context of a picture is completely different for the photographer and viewer anyway, since the photog remembers where she took the picture, the day, the place, the emotion, the recent kiss, the breeze. Now to take more shots.

Breathing new life into this space and deciding what it should be. I'm hoping this evolves naturally, as does the human question: Why am I here? 

In┼čallah! This is (one of my) sadly neglected, should-be first priorities.

My jeans that I dried too close to the Magellanic stove. Brittled the next time I wore them and bent down, the bottom tore (over a year ago). Reinforce the big teal buttons on one of my favorite coats, currently unwearable because it's too darn cold. But it's a nice change from my puffy jacket in the summer.

notice i didn't write write.
More sadly than my Turkish. I just don't want to jinx it.

old printing machine at the national center for handmade paper 
in ohrid, macedonia

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Claire Kiefer said...

I've been making cards too. :) I need your address!


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