homemade pizza.

It's winter in Puerto Natales, and just about everything is closed. Aside from a couple of new (for the winter!) cafés, most eateries around town are closed. We never go out for dinner very often, but sometimes it's a nice option when neither of us feel like cooking. There is one decent pizza joint in town, Mesita Grande. Thin, delicious crusts cooked in a clay oven. But they're closed. 

And we had a hankering for pizza, and started to make our own. Not for the first time, but I think this time was definitely the most delicious. It's difficult to cook anything with our oven, because the flame is so uneven and undirected. The heat comes from the left side, and the only way to change the "temperature" is to open or close the gas valve to change the size of the flame.

We should make our own pizza anyway, it's that much more economical! Serkan followed a Turkish recipe for the pizza dough, and we topped it with everything we had in the house, except for maybe the kitchen sink.
 sun-dried tomatoes, green olives, chives, fresh mushrooms, red bell pepper, grated fresh local cheese and romano

we made two pizzas, though we only ate one & a half!
one had fresh parsley and serrano ham.

here's serkan cutting the pizza; his hands make it look much smaller 
than it seemed at the time.


Elena said...

That pizza looks amazing! Nicely done! We just made pizza on Friday night. Delish. Love and miss you bunches.

Artpixie said...

This looks delicious <3


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