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 why not to cry over spilled milk... 
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Today after watching Brazil squash Chile in the mundial, we got home to find our brand new car with a big new dent. Someone rammed it while the poor bugger was parked. It was pretty obvious from the way it was hit, directly into the driver's side back door, that it was our neighbors across the street. When Serkan and his friend went to ask about it, she guiltily said that it was one of her friends, but wouldn't give any more information. I tried to talk to her with them about 10 minutes later, but nobody would answer the door. We called the police. They came quickly, and also tried to get someone to open the door. No cigar. They wrote up a report and said that when the car does come that we should take down the license plate number and call them again. To tell the truth, I wasn't feeling super hopeful.

A bit later, I was on my way to the market. In our poor car with its first dentful accident in 20 years! (Oh, what kind of parents will we ever be?) When... the police returned, just casing the hood I guess, to find all the lights on in the house. One of the cops talked to the woman and got a name out of her while I talked to the other officer. They gave me the fella's name, and said that they were going to try to find him at work... Can you believe the detective work going on here? It's a small town and they probably don't have much to do, but, boy, these guys went above the call of duty!

As I reslid into the driver's seat and restarted the engine, I get a tap tap tap on my window. Turn off the car, open the door, get out. So, you must be Bruno, I say. There was the culprit, apologizing and saying that he didn't mean to negate his responsibility. That he hit the car late last night and didn't want to wake us up and so on. Anyway, tomorrow we are going to get the car fixed and he agreed to pay for it. All as simple as that! Crumby luck for the car, but mostly, I just consider this a fairytale ending. Of course, maybe I should wait to say that till our poor Subaru is mended.


this free bird said...

What a drama. First, I'm so sorry your car got hit in the first place. But still so happy the police did their part and got the dirt out of the "neighbor" - how "neighborly" of her to need the police to fess up. Tough spot to not want to tell on your friend, but still.

I hope the repair goes smoothly.

I got rear-ended at a red light while at a complete stop 2 months ago by an aging hoarder with a handicapped placard who bent over to pick up a "relic" (read piece of junk) from the floor when he looked up, hit the gas instead of the brake and smashed into my less than a year old car that I saved 2 years for.

Then he proceeded to hide from his insurance and mine for a week. Then he disputed (what? you hit me dead center from behind while i was at a dead stop)...I could go on, but this thing is still not resolved although hopefully close - and my neck is still stiff!!

Hang in there! And thank you for listening to the world's longest comment. oy

Mrs4444 said...

It's refreshing that he took responsibility. I hope he does pay for it.

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

thanks ladies! i hope he pays for it too! today his cell phone is turned off, but at least we found someone to fix it for a pretty reasonable price.

oh no, carrie! i hope *your* accident (and neck stiffness) gets resolved--soon! what is it about "new" things? even if they're not exactly new, we must somehow infuse a newness into them. and maybe newness is a type of magnet!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, glad his guilt got to him! Or something! Poor little car, but at least you'll get it fixed! XO!

Anna Walker said...

That sucks that you had sooo much drama with all of that!

I actually really like Subaru's so I was happy to read that your car was a Subaru...and look at it this way, now you won't have to worry about your car getting it's first dent or scratch. You've been there and done that.


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