Three's pushing it...

It's finally our last day of Istanbul traffic horns, raised voices at exaggerated octaves, the general city chaos. All day we take care of last-minute errands, paying bills and visiting the beauracracies to see how I can get me a Turkish ID.

What would be the benefits of a Turkish ID, you ask? The answer is simple: Muze Kart, baby! No more paying oodles of liras at every museum, 20 lira once and I can visit everywhere for free! Not really much of a help, since we're leaving, but it might also waive my Turkey entrance Visa fees (which are only $20 a pop, but still).

We still don't know the answers for any of this, though we did learn from an old lady at the bus stop that we will have three children. Actually, today I wonder if we are giving off newlywed vibes, because all kinds of strangers seem to mention something about our marriage, asking Serkan where his wife is from. Trippy.

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Elena said...

Sometimes they just know. When we were on OUR honeymoon all the Mexicans would shout out to us, "hello, Honeymoooooners!"


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