a time of understanding.

{thompson ave, where every house is lit up}
On October 13 last year, I sat in the American Embassy in Santiago, Chile, watching the miners being rescued on CNN, feeling my baby hiccup and kick, and eavesdropping on the consul interviewing my husband for his visa. We were in between seasons, in between continents, in between imaginings.

Within a month, we said our goodbyes, sold off bits of our lives, and packed the rest into duffle bags. At nearly eight months pregnant, we moved to the northern hemisphere--for another round of winter. I thought moving would be simple. That we're so adaptable that having a baby with no stability would still be a piece of cake.

Well, there was a lot more to this whole having a baby thing than I'd imagined. But somehow we made it work, Somehow every day these days--if even for a breath or two--I arrive to a place where it is as fun as I pictured it all those months ago.

I'm used to being sleep deprived, and at the same time I'm getting a little more sleep. We're growing a mini patio garden, we nurture (and occasionally murder--sorry!) houseplants. S + I take turns cooking. I turn the heat up too high, S turns it down. Sometimes the TV is on when Rowan is in the room, and I don't freak out. I give baths and nurse baby back to sleep at night. S makes me coffee in the morning (and sometimes in the afternoon). Rowan grabs garland off the Christmas tree and swats at the reachable houseplants. He pries the outlet covers out of the sockets. He explores, looks back to give a foxy smile, then continues to explore something a little further away.

We understand each other, and that understanding is magic. So we move to the rumpumpumpum beginnings of our family's rhythm. We are a family.

That family feeling didn't happen overnight. But it did happen. This is what I'm thinking about when I'm feeling all Christmasy for the first time in years.

What's on your mind?


honey my heart said...

oh wow. what a story and experience.

Kerry said...

There's nothing lovelier is there. The rhythms of a family, both good and not so good ground us and mostly make us smile. Have a wonderful Christmas :)

Gracey said...

I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and this post makes me smile. :)
I do think that Christmas is also a celebration for love shared and circle that bonds a family.
Christmas eves are special for collection of memories for a year that was, may it be tough or happy.

May your whole family enjoy the well-deserved holidays! ;)

LatteLisa said...

I've been there and that is a wonderful feeling, that family feeling ;-)

Hollie said...

this makes me want to cry! I'm so glad that the pieces are coming together for you. I hope you three have a wonderful holiday together.

Hollie said...

this makes me want to cry! I'm so glad that the pieces are coming together for you. I hope you three have a wonderful holiday together.

shopgirl said...

Heather, as usual you have a way with words and your posts always read like poetry to me. Love.


Kristin H said...

And how wonderful it is to have a family during Christmas time. And you know Heather it just gets better:) Christmas love!!

Punctuation Mark said...

i know how you feel about moving so far... great post!!!

Faiza said...

transitions can be a battle. you want to celebrate today without disrespecting the joys of yesterday and the decision to say good bye and look forward. thank you for your honesty.

SmartBear said...

Such a beautiful post...and so glad the holiday spirit is getting to you just a little. But also glad you have found your rhythm and soft places. Making a family feels a lot more alien than it seems it should. Then you get into a groove...and suddenly you look around and everything is at it should be.

Krystal said...

ok, when i'm cooking i always have the heat on too high and mark is always changing it when i'm not paying attention but i think he puts it too low then i wonder why my food is taking forever...it's a really bad cycle in our kitchen :) so that made me smile :)

DolceDreams said...

You are such a wonderful writer :) I love this post, it comes from the heart and I can relate completely...it just gets better and better...Life has been crazy and I have had no time to visit...but here I am, and if I don't get back in time, have a most Merry Christmas

OneCraftyFox said...

Understanding is EVERYTHING. So glad things are headed down a stable path for you, you deserve the best Heather.

Happy Holidays!
xoxo Diana

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I tried commenting earlier and something happened, so I'm not sure if this will be a double comment!

Anyway, feeling that Christmassy feeling is the best! I hope you have been enjoying this holiday season. Have a very merry week before Christmas! xoxo

Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

I love your words! I can just picture your happy little family. My daughter comes home this Wednesday from college. It will be nice to have the house full again and my son reconnecting with his big sister.

Wishing you a wonderfully sweet Christmas.

fifth floor apartment said...

so wonderful. thank you for sharing :)

xo Alison

Stacey said...

I feel like we're family because i've been following you for some time now. I celebrate your life with you and your contentment shines through in this post:-). Love you girl.

PS. I got the pic you asked about from a site called favim.com


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