our life lately.

big sur :: warm november days
cold nights :: central heat
sleep sharing :: and getting sleep
baby sign language :: not touching banana slugs
wine with friends :: movies with my husband
big leaf maple leaves underfoot :: monarch butterflies aflutter
it's a good life
how about you?


Anonymous said...

I was just viewing your blog when your comment arrived ;-) We are getting ready for school on this side of the world ;-)

I'm glad to read that you're enjoying wonderful days. And yes, it'll be your first Christmas with Rowan!

Gracey said...

Your blog header is breath-taking! :) I love it! These photos are so beautiful too! Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy the week!

Pierre BOYER said...

Great landscapes....
Thanks for sharing.
Greetings from France,


Dawn said...

Wow. That picture at top is completely breathtaking. Life sounds wonderfully sweet on your side of things! I'm in valley-mode...waiting for my sweet:D

Monica said...

beautiful shots!

yay to getting sleep!!

my own sleeping has only worsened, and subsequently my health. we're working on getting mama more alone time at least. hooray for catching naps right?

Kristin H said...

It is a good life!!! Ah Big Sur is gorgeous!! Lucky you!!!

Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

Your life these days sound perfect, I'll swap ya.

But seriously things are going well. All stitched up and back to life and work. Thanksgiving coming which is my hubby's favorite holiday. Life is good.

honey my heart said...

oh my, your views and surrounding nature are amazing!! we are having warm days and gold nights, too. i like it because it's fall :)

SmartBear said...

So beautiful....

fifth floor apartment said...

oh, big sur. haven't been in years. so wondrous.

for me, life lately has been all about the cup & chaucer cafe at the pitt library, yummy cheeses from whole foods, breaking in new winter boots, and watching a lot of hockey :)

xo Alison

justine said...

wow these are stunning photographs, very jealous!

Krystal said...

not a bad life sweets!

shopgirl said...

these are beautiful Heather!


La Mona se viste de seda said...

lovely picts!!!



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