give yourself a hug.

I thought I'd go against the grain or at least be a little subversive this Thanksgiving. Even though today is a pretty great day, I know we all probably feel like we are swimming on the wrong side of the lighthouse sometimes. The world makes a lot of ruckus and our brains make a lot of blahblahblah. 

{sunrise by kitschy kitschy cool}
Whenever all that noise gets to be too much, I try to unglue myself from it. By taking a moment to remember:
  • My worries are optical illusions, and I can forgive myself for being a little gullible. 
  • I've survived hard times, but I am not those hard times.  
  • I've breathed in freezing sunrises, cozy inside my sleeping with a thermos full of coffee.
  • I am love and I am you. 
  • So I love you implicitly.
  • I love me too, and the me that forgets that isn't really me at all.
  • When I walk in the door, my baby crawls toward me in a way that equals running. He puts his hands on my feet and then climbs up my jeans (or pajama bottoms) until I pick him up.
  • When he's in my arms, he puts both hands on my face and pulls me toward his open mouth, and that equals a kiss.
  • My heart turns to goo every day. 
  • I can breathe fine, even when my heart takes the consistency of pureed carrots. 
Happy Thanksgiving!
What are you thankful for today?


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...


happy day to you H!

Di said...

I am thankful for life! My loving parents that gave me that life and taught me what to do with it and for the rest of my raggle taggle family and friends - for health, for work, for life!

Happy thanksgiving to you and yours! Enjoy the day....

Nuit said...

aww what a sweet post!!! I am thankful for everything today and always :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Just beautiful. I am love and I am you...
Happy thanksgiving dear!

Gracey said...

Happy Thanksgiving to your and your family! I wish you more blessings! :) Cheers!

Pierre BOYER said...

Greetings from France,


Jessi said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Daisy said...

hope you had a great thanksgiving. beautiful sunrise!

OneCraftyFox said...

What a lovely post, Happy Thanksgiving Heather!!

Punctuation Mark said...

hope you had a great Thanksgiving surrounded by your loved ones!

Kristin H said...

As a friend of mine said today:
"Detours, challenges, and crisis are simply covers for miracles that had no other way of reaching you."
I am so happy all the ones I have close are healthy and not suffering!!!
Have a lovely evening!


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