settling in.

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A Friday thankfulness post, just like the good ole days.

for having moved :: Now that we have more space, we're working on making our home more comfortable. This means an imminent couch purchase, a nursery for mama to slowly decorate, and, oh we have to do something about that kitchen table. It's bar height, and we only have two chairs. When we have guests, we enjoy picnic-style dinners on the floor, which isn't all that comfortable for the pregnant ladies ('cuz I'm at that stage in life where I have a lot of pregnant friends). Plus it's a little worrisome to eat with toddlers and red wine that close to the carpet. Though, I've always been a floor sitter, and I'd be happy with a living room full of pillows and bean bags on a plush area rug. And the high table was perfect when S was away and I was on simultaneous baby and work duty. I'd wear Rowan and work at the high table for a couple hours a day.

my own office :: It's in Rowan's closet, so you can see that we have ample space to put stuff away if we're using an entire deep wide closet for mama's office. I didn't even use my desk (which has a special place in my heart because it was my grandpa's desk) before, because it was placed in such an odd-energy spot in our angular one-bedroom apartment. I used to work in the rocking chair. In fact I did everything in that rocking chair: breastfed, ate breakfast, blogged, rocked the baby. I still do all these things in this rocking chair. But now I have a cubbyhole oasis where I can escape to work without paying for expensive coffee in a cafe with Internet, which is what I used to do when S was home.

my love is home :: One of these days I will write a post about how I survived taking care of a baby while working from home. I was lucky enough to have S home for 2-4 of my work days every week, but the days he wasn't there were pretty stressful. I'm a perfectionist, and I often felt like I wasn't doing anything well. Now that he's here, my days are more regular. The time I spend with Rowan is focused quality time, and at the end of the day I can do something besides work.

young love is contagious :: Yesterday we saw two people speedwalking hand-in-hand while we were driving. I smiled, and S said they look like a new couple. He said exactly what I was thinking before I had finished cooking the words. I thought it was simultaneously sweet that he could jinx my thoughts and sad that we would both see the happiness of another couple and see love in its infancy. I mean, who doesn't want to feel that "we can conquer anything together" intimacy of aimless speedwalking off into the sunset with the one you love? So I said, We could be like that too. We still are kinda, right? And then I started fishing.

it is still an adventure :: Considering all the adventures we've navigated together, having a baby was a huge transition. It feels good to remember that this is our grandest journey yet. And we can make it as grueling or exciting as we want to. The most important thing in parenthood as with travel is flexibility. And honestly, I wouldn't trade those huge, open-mouth slobberkisses (and that quiet babble sigh that says I love you mommy) for the world.

What are you thankful for right now?


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great post- I am so glad that you have your own space to work in- that is so important.

I love the concept of new love- but I also feel that we are a new/different person each day- it's about whether or not you connect with your partner that particular day.
Dr. J and I have been married for eleven years- we were SO young when we got married- and yet it still feels like it is new sometimes.

Anonymous said...

okay, now I'm ready to close my computer and call it a day. That was a wonderful reading.

Enjoy your weekend ;-)

Lady Grey said...

This is such a beautiful post indeed - loved reading every bit of it.

That story of the speedwalking new lovers is fascinating.... we can all recognize new love, we all love that feeling, but it's almost too intense to last forever. It's not really sustainable, is it? We keep elements of it in our long term relationships, moments of it, but things always evolve to a more balanced place. And it becomes beautiful in different ways.

Have a great weekend.

Sarah Klassen said...

I'm with Lisa—

On a side note, though, that kind of love it the greatest love of all... slobbery and all :)

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. Thank you for the kind comments this week...

xx, Sarah

Arctic Mum said...

I admire you working from home while having a new baby (what do you work with?). I'm not going back to work before May next year, then my daughter will be nearly one and starts daycare. I guess I could find braincells to do something sensible with my days at the moment, but it would be hard. In the nursing haze (do you say that?) I feel I can't even make the easiest decisions.

Hollie said...

I'm so glad that life is smoothing itself out for you. And youre in a new space.. with, well.. space! haha.

LyddieGal said...

Sounds like you've really fallen comfortably into your new way of life, and you sound so, so happy.


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