my friend, ikea.

I think I must be the last person on earth to get the IKEA catalog. I've seen it on the top of friends' toilets for weeks now, but I was only able to start turning the pages of my very own catalog yesterday.

And I'm smitten. The writers over there have turned the mass-produced, assembly-required furniture store into my favorite stylish yet practical Swedish friends with great senses of humor. I want to have them over for dinner. When the Swedes come over to dinner, we'd all stand in the kitchen and clink our glasses of red wine. A room full of laughter, huge smiles, and mouthfuls of gleaming white teeth. They make me laugh; they help me discover attractive storage solutions. Who wouldn't want to have them over for dinner?

The product descriptions are super clear and practical. I didn't even know I needed stacking pots to make soup while I steam other vegetables, but I sure think I need 'em now. Make good food, save energy and stove-top space. Hell yeah. IKEA has brilliant advertisers.

And I love the dialog-box messages throughout--as if the products are talking: "Fika (fee-Ka) is something all Swedes love to do. Simply put it means grab a friend, some coffee or tea, and something sweet to nibble on." Of course we all like to do that! But do we have a word for it? Or can we honestly use it as a way to describe our culture? We even get an unpretentious pronunciation key--especially good for us English-speakers, who tend to pronounce everything in a counter-phonetic way. Thanks!

{eivor leva}
They even have a duvet set that "lets you follow modern, everyday life in Stockholm--kind of like a bedtime story for grownups." Yes, friends, I'm turning into quite the Swede-ophile. And, no, I'm not getting paid (or noticed) by IKEA. 

How much IKEA furniture is in your house?


Arctic Mum said...

We're a bit off Ikea in this household...ordered kitchen from them, but they've delivered the wrong elements - twice...My partner Andre had a go at them by phone, which ended by them offering us free dinner coupons. But we live 2000 km away from the nearest warehouse...So no more Ikea for us, even though I desperately want the EXPEDIT shelf to organize my girl's toys. I may have to trick him to get it in the house.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

haha- I'm not getting noticed by Ikea either- Love them- always have- grew up devouring the catalog and dog earing the pages.

Signe said...

I remember the days when Ikea was just cheap and practical. No more! Now cheap, CHIC and practical is more like it :)

And you got to love Klimt ♥

Hugs and a happy new week to you,

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that this post was so much more fun than the previous one ;-)

IKEA ... what would one do without them? Seriously?

acommonthread said...

we have SO much ikea in our apt. it's just so functional and cute.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I love Ikea! Sadly, it is hours away, so I have never been able to buy any furniture from there. I do enjoy looking at their catalog and site though!

I am hosting a giveaway today that you might like to enter!

Di said...

Lots I have to admit. Mostly drawer units. But i also have a couple of lamps - but I also love (here in the UK) the now defunct (at least outside London) Habitat and John Lewis.

Traveling Mama said...

I'm quite obsessed too (as you may have noticed from the photos I have posted!) I never realized that the names of the items actually mean something until I started learning Danish. I kind of laughed when I realized that my Kasse just meant box, which totally made sense since that is exactly what it was! LOL!! BTW- the best way to get noticed by Ikea is to post photos of their products in your home to their flickr group... I'll be sharing more of how I know that very soon! :-)

Faiza said...

i love ikea! have a new duvet cover to put on my bed this weekend! yes!


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