a post-partum evening.

Last night S was going to be back late after being away for a few days. R has been needing more care lately. I think he might be teething; he's fussy, not sleeping, nursing all night--and yesterday--suddenly a runny nose. (People always ask if he's drooling a lot and eating his fist, but he's always done both of those things to slurpy cute excess.)

After an hour or so of putting pookers to sleep, I got the idea to open the bottle of wine S + I bought when we went wine tasting at the river last week. Wine is always better if you let it breathe, especially if it's good California winery-bought wine with an Italian name. I was lighting candles when I thought I should cut up some apple and pear and cheese and crackers to go along with the wine. Of course olives would look good in the middle of the food plate. I set all this up like an art project on our massive table. Then I artfully numbered the installations with folded post-its. 

This is the nicest thing I've done for S in a long time. (Though, I guess I did recently spend a day framing photos around the house and creating a family-photo wall for Father's Day.)

{the photo wall: I like the top right photo, because you can hear me smiling}
I figure it's time for us to be close again. It's like having a baby separated us a little. I have to admit I was one of those people who thought nothing would ever come between us; our relationship would be the same even after the baby.

Fast forward to reality: We literally have a little kicking Rowan sleeping between us and thwacking our faces every night. I hear it's really common for a couple's state of normalcy to take a while to return post-baby. Of course, what was normal before never returns after the baby ingredient is introduced. It's a journey; it's a tango. And so we adapt.

By the time S got home, I had already had to nurse R back to sleep three times. His little nose was stuffed  the last time, so I just brought him out to the rocking chair with me. We cuddled, and he fell asleep just in time for S' knock on the door. Oh, reality.

I would love to have a picture of all this, but that didn't work out. So here are my new favorite pictures of the boys.

{quartet at the monterey bay aquarium}
Eventually R sung his baby dinosaur noises on his way to sleep in the swing with his dad's hand on his belly. We poured the wine, toasted, snacked on apples, and retreated to the other side of the room with our wine glasses to sit on the floor and listen to quiet piano sonatas.

What's the nicest simple thing you've done for someone you love lately?


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, so touching your images of the boys and I adore your photo wall. How creative. xx

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

the nicest simple thing- make dinner i guess.

flwrjane said...

Pack food and water for the GF to take to her evening class. And then take the dog for an extra long walk so she could relax when she arrived home at 10:30pm. Of course we promptly harnessed up said dog and took her for another night so we could enjoy the night and the growing moon.

Hollie said...

aww, that was so sweet of you to do! I saw some random wine glasses the other day, and I thought B would like them b/c they were stemless, so I bought 2 & a bottle of wine for him. Ok, maybe that wasn't so nice.. since I drank half of it. lol :\

Pierre BOYER said...

Enjoy the peoples you love !


Scientific Housewife said...

I've heard that happens but you have to work at making sure it doesn't affect your relationship :)

gracey said...

oh my gosh! baby giggles! <3

Belly B said...

Awww your baby is soooo adorable :) The nicest simple thing I've done lately is running some errands for my sister while she's at work! :)

<3 Belly B

Krystal said...

those are such awesome pictures of them, i want to see them BIG!!! you are so honest and everything, I love it. (i know that this is totally NOT the same but we finally kicked bama out of bed :(..i couldn't even fall asleep the first night without his soft furry little behind! i can only imagine how a child would throw off the closeness)

this free bird said...

I just loved reading this and even though I'm not great w/babies wish I was closer to give you a break. I want you guys to get back into the mojo and your carpet picnic was an excellent start!! *tears* I'm a hot mess these days.

Our thing is tea in the sand in mid-morning. Oh and sometimes I'll get out of bed at 2am to let him come over after restaurant closure. Sometimes. ha!


Stacey said...

well said heather and i can relate to everything you pointed out... the photo wall so such a sweet and personal touch- i love it. hmmm, the sweetest thing, i would have to say is when i'd get up in the night to tend to Z even though it was the hubby's turn. I knew he was very exhausted so i'd let him get his sleep:-). sleep is a precious commodity around these parts.

Anonymous said...

'little things mean a lot' ... love the photos of father and son ;-)

sherri said...

great pictures. I feel like people have being doing such nice things for me lately (I've been sick). I suppose making dinner the other night might count, or letting B. have a nap? we are still returning to closeness, and our kids are 4 and 5. it is something we work at though, and just take when we can, and in a way it is more special when we do have time for each other.

Mama Gone Green said...

I feel like your family life is similar to mine... after we had baby 2, my husband and I have definitely felt more of a distance and are now actively trying to be closer... which is something we didn't have to worry about before we had kiddos!

Samantha Schroeder said...

Wow. I love this post! When people use to say, a baby changes everything, I would laugh. But yes! It is so very true. You will look back on these moments and laugh and wish you could relive them all . . . no matter how hard they are in real time. But I just want to say, above all, what an amazing Mom and wife you are - taking the time and care for your boys and going above and beyond. It is so important to remember to take time out for your husband in the midst of all the baby craziness. Taking time to breathe and just enjoy each and every moment. xo Samantha ps. I would LOVE to send you a friendship bracelet. So, please send me your address. :)

shopgirl said...

I love these images you took, and I like your honesty in the post.

p.s. don't miss out on a music giveaway I'm having!


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