perspective + new hair.

Gee, you know the week breezed by too fast when it's Saturday and the last post you've written is about how great the last weekend was.

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life, where you maneuvered a huge change or a huge move, looked around you and said: Maybe this is not for me?

I've been having one of those weeks. Even though I underwent a huge makeover, courtesy of my beautiful cousin. I mean, those have to be some rough thoughts to wonder if this is the right life, after getting me-time, a facial, a new hairstyle, and a pedicure.

 {I had great plans about snapping before + after photos for the makeover. But I ran out of time. The before photo--taken on the way to the salon in the car--is stuck on my phone. And the after photo with straight hair was taken in bad light. So here's Rowan's adorable hand grabbing at my necklace instead.} 

And honestly, you guys, that was the best gift ever! Except for maybe the time S brought me a huge flat of strawberries to the hostel one morning in Santiago. (We were only going to be there for two days!) Well, maybe you can tell just how much I needed the makeover...

I know it would only require a subtle shift in perspective to change the color of my mood ring. But knowing it, doesn't magically give me that pinker perspective.

{honey bee mood ring from phoebestreasure}
Some things help though. Like when R and I take a walk around the neighborhood to watch people living their lives. There's always something interesting happening: neighbors washing their cars, an old man picking other people's flowers, new homes up for sale, sparrows and wind chimes singing, or the auto sound system guys making sure the bass on their latest installation booms off other car alarms--first to 50 Cent, then to Adele.

Maybe I just need to be by myself for a bit. I tend not to take my me-time. I think I don't want it, but I need it more than I'd like to admit. What about you guys? Are you good about taking your me-time? Do you (know you) need it? If I were outside your window looking in, I'd see you and think: My, how together you have it. Your Zen-like appearance would tip me off. You see, I've glamorized you all that much.

Sometimes I need to take myself less seriously. Maybe we could do that together.

Here's to us not taking ourselves seriously, at least for the rest of the weekend.


Claire Kiefer said...

Today I had a whole day of me time and it made me uncomfortable, anxious, and sad. How f'ed up is that?? I'm so used to being busy and abuzz and with people, that I could barely get it together today. I was a mess!

I want to see your new, beautiful hair in person. Any interest in coming to the Temescal Street Fair tomorrow? I'm gonna go around 12:30 or 1. Food, drinks, music, etc etc.

love you!

Signe said...

You, my dear Heather, look smashing! And I love the mood ring as well :)
Sorry that you are not too sure about the big move being the right thing to do, but I hope things will fall into place for you!

Hugs and a happy Sunday,

Anonymous said...

me-time? Oh yes, I have me-times. If you would see me with a book and latte on the chaise lounge you'd definitely think I had solved the life riddle! But really, half of time I don't know what I'm doing; I just like to think I do ;-)

Hang in there girl!

Krystal said...

i haven't had me time in so long, it's crazy! mark is leaving this week for business though so that should be a good w/e..

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

me time is something that I need- Have not had much of it lately as we've been traveling and things get different.
You look lovely- I really like that photo of you and R-
That might be the coolest mood ring ever.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

You look so lovely!!! And the mood ring is really cool. I hope that you find more me-time, it's so important.

shopgirl said...

This is a pretty good spur of the moment photo Heather and it's taken from a low angle. I would look horrible with an angle taken like that but you look lovely.

I make it my mission to have me-times. It's definitely crucial to my days. Good luck with it sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I'd written a whole rambling comment here but lost it somehow :) I go in extremes from me time to everybody else time and I'd love to find some kind of balance. I high and lows can make one a bit nauseus ;)

Faiza said...

my me time is so important to me but like claire sometimes when i take a lot of it, all the things that i have been putting off dealing with scream through my thoughts.

you are so right knowing you just need a shift in perspective and internalizing it are two different things. there is something important to be learned in that breath in between.

Stacey said...

Me time has been a farfetched notion for me for some time... It's even hard for me to accept help from others(so that i can get some me time). For e.g., we have family visiting now and was it was offered to the hubby and i to go on a date by ourselves(which we haven't done since Baby Z was born)and i didn't even know what to do; a date? Plus, i was thinking, well, will they know exactly what to do to meet Baby Z's needs. Anyway, we decided to probably go for dessert after putting Baby Z to bed(since that's a ritual and you have to follow all the steps just right to that routine) Of course, i think i'm the only one who can do it just right(and Daddy of course:-)) By the time Baby Z went to bed, it was too late to get dessert and frankly we were both too exhausted to go anywhere. Hence no "me/us" time, but that's fine. A mouthful i know:-). Love the pic of R reaching for your neck...XX

SmartBear said...

I never knew just how much me-time I needed until I had a a baby. Even now...4 years later, I am shocked at how much I need and crave. I feel lucky to share my life with someone who understands that and we support each other in it. It's the guilt that gets me. No matter how much I tell myself I need it and it's important? I still feel guilty being away from my family.
And you look lovely!

OneCraftyFox said...

Hello gorgeous! I love your makeover, you look fabulous!! I love that darling ring too.

Right now I am questioning everything too. Hunny and I ... are ... on a break ... to put it loosely. Which sucks. Especially since we already live together and now after 6 yrs everything is up in the air. I feel so lost it's ridiculous. :(

Ah, maybe us two gals will find some peace yet!!

Pierre BOYER said...

A new haircut for a new life ?
Enjoy your day !


Samantha Schroeder said...

You look so beautiful and this post is so beautifully written! It seems to me you already have the answers. So I would offer you the advice to trust your heart and do what feels the most authentic and natural for you. Yes, time alone helps you see things more clearly; and I also think, as Moms, we definitely need to honor ourselves and take time for ourselves. I love the idea of taking our lives less seriously and most importantly, to enjoy the journey . . . even if it is just around the block. xo Samantha

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

i'm desperate for me time, or simply silence as i think of it. a stereotypical Introvert. and i know i desperately need it.
whether i'm good at taking it depends on perspective. i DO take it, but how can the offspring not make one often forget to?

Stephanie said...

Though it's from a different perspective, I can definitely relate to maneuvering a big change and then realizing it's not quite for you.

Your hair looks lovely, btw. :)


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