The Greek gods knew where to kick it.

We arrived to Olympus on my birthday. Home of Zeus. Ancient city ruins, rocky beaches with calm waters to swim in, climbing routes galore (even for beginners like me), pine forests, orange and pomegranate trees, all kinds of fruit trees, really. It's a beautiful place, all the buildings made of wood. The hostel-slash-restaurants-bars all call themselves treehouses. Before I arrived I imagined that they would be little abodes up in the pine trees, you know, like real treehouses. It's not exactly that, just some rustic rooms among the trees and limestone walls that jut up from the sea level land. Still lovely, blending in well with the landscape.

The bday was pretty low-key, mostly traveling to get here from Fetihye. Once we arrived, we showered and headed for the beach. It was already getting a bit chilly, so I didn't swim, but we walked the rocky shore and bought beers and watched the shadow of the sunset on the water. Dinner included at the hostel, another walk through town to buy some wine. Also I tried my first bubble pipe, apple flavored and relaxing.

Today we met up with a big group of Serkan's friends. Good listening to Turkish time for me. It always makes me nervous, though I wish upon wish it didn´t. But today, we drove to a nearby, less ship-crowded beach called Adrasan where we swam and sunned ourselves with breaks beneath the straw beach umbrellas. After lunch we drove back to Olympus and walked a quick five minutes into a narrow canyon to climb. At sundown we walked through the ruins of the ancient city to the Olympus beach and watched the stars come out. So nice to see the big dipper again. You don't get the big dipper in the southern hem, just the Southern Cross. Equally cool, but one feels closer to home than the other.

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