Adventures in driving, etc.

A couple of Serkan's friends went to Nepal for a month or so, and they let us borrow their car while we are here. It's a good thing because we are staying in a little mountain hut sans electricity. However, it's been a long time since I've driven. And I don't think I've ever driven a diesel. It's a huge heavy mother of a car, a '79 Mercedes. 30 years old. It would be awesome to say that it's older than me... but alas, that is no longer true. My first attempts to drive it out of the driveway resulted in several stalls, mostly because I couldn't get the gears in reverse. Hoo boy. Now I'm a regular pro with the super hippie mobile, though. I only tried to go the wrong way down a one way street off of one of those damned roundabouts once... and that was on the first day of driving. Now I'm three days in and doing much much better. Just don't test me on my parallel parking skills... or my navigation... or my Turk├že for that matter.

It's almost too hot during the day to climb, but there are a few places in the shade, plus a cave, where we climbed this morning. I totally bit it though and fell in the worst amateur way possible: upside down. Hoo boy. This is starting to sound like my super blonde blog entry...

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