Just too cool for me

We decided to start the big acclimitization trek tomorrow. There´s a guy in the internet cafe talking so loud via Skype to his family in the states, so I can´t concentrate. Evidently he´s in great shape hiking all over the cordillera and when he´s in the harness climbing the icy parts, it´s too much of a pain in the arse to pee because you have to take off the harness plus it´s super cold, so you just don´t pee for those 7-8 hrs. Just thought you might like to know. Anyway, starting the trek on Monday and will take lots of pics. Lovey.


Elena said...

That is the worst! Imagine having someone like that working two cubicles away from you. She just signed an offer for a home and is having problems accessing her 401K (apparently).

Mike M. said...

good luck on the hike! and holding your pee!


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