Hi Ho Silver!

Just kidding, Everything´s going great here, but Lydia was right about me not being able to keep my secret SOS password a secret. I've been hanging around La Paz for the last couple days. But I´m still in a haze of what I didn´t get to finish before I left. Plus I felt wretched the first couple days. I think because of the alitude. (3600 metres, 11811 feet) It´s also one of the most fire resistant cities, in case you were wondering. Anyway I´m feeling much better today drinking a ton of juice from the street vendors without incidence. I met a girl on the plane who´s biking all over the cordillera for about six weeks. I don´t have a good backpack for that right now, but she gave me some good ideas. La Paz is a pretty city, but loud with cars and kinda smelly like most big cities. Today, though, there was an amazing procession in honor of the santisima Virgen del Copacabana. I have some pretty cool fotos, just no means right now of downloading them.

Tomorrow will be my first Bolivian trek, so I´ll see how well I´m acclimatized and how I fair with my mochila gargantuan that, when full, I can´t actually put on by myself. It´s only 38 pounds but it´s awkward and it was top heavy. It´ll be better packed for the trek for sure. Anyway, it´s the Camino Inka del Choro, you can see pictures of it here... The trek is about 4 days and 3 nights, with the first day getting pretty high up there, starting at 4600 metres, climbing up to almost 5000 metres. That means I´ll be out of touch for a few days but will write and check email when I´m down from the mountain.


lydia said...

Glad you're feeling better! Good luck on the hike - I hope you know a good porter who can repack that monstrosity for you ;)

Elena said...

Have a great hike, Heathercita.


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