they call it a laundry list, because it needs to be cleaned.

There are essays running untamed through my hair. I'm non sequiturs and full of spine. Rowan's been walking for about a week. It's still funny to look over and see my tall little boy or put him down on his feet rather than his bottom.

We may be seriously on the prowl to purchase a house. I'm supposed to be getting paperwork together for a preapproval now. But as you can see, I procrastinate. Instead I'd like to tell you what's on my mantel. In order from left to right, like reading a book.
  1. An ugly cylinder lamp with its cord tucked into its gape circle mouth, so Rowan won't pull it down. We never plug it in or turn it on, because it's blinding bright like the dickens.
  2. Triangle garland folded up to be put away, from Rowan's 1st birthday, more than a month ago.
  3. An old glass dropper bottle with a dried out rubber bulb, which we found at a salvage yard three weekends ago, while hunting for parts to create a DIY play kitchen for Rowan. 
  4. The camera in its bag. 
  5. A box of tissue. 
  6. Snapware with Rowan's reusable wipes. I cut up an old receiving blanket and make the water solution at home. We cloth diaper, so it's actually easier just to have cloth wipes as well (one bin to put stuff in, instead of two). Easiest baby wipe recipe: a baby blanket's worth of cloth, cut into squares or whatever shape you desire; a container; water; olive oil; the innards of a vitamin e capsule; essential oil (I use lavender, because I'm not a huge fan of the smell of tea tree oil.)
  7. Ball of handspun wool yarn, which I bought in Punta Arenas, Chile, back when I was really gung ho about learning to crochet for real and wanted to make Rowan a baby blanket.
  8. Incense catcher and the butt of a nag champa stick. OK. I got up to light a new one. 
  9. Lighter that I just used to light the incense.
  10. Four tea light candles in rainbow holders. 
  11. A seashell from some far-flown place, I don't remember where.
  12. Remote for the stereo. 
  13. Three opening daffodils inside a chemistry vial, also from the salvage yard. 
  14. Rowan's favorite sorting puzzle
  15. Tibetan singing bowl, pillow stuffed inside, mallet pointing to 4 'o clock. 
  16. Remote for the TV. 
  17. Baby nail clippers. 
  18. Box of rose Rosicrucian incense that my brother bought us when he visited last May. 
  19. Cloth box of incense and sundries. 
As you can imagine, our mantel is extremely long. It wraps around the fireplace and then some. It's also a mess. Maybe it gives the living room that special lived-in look. I used to be way more on top of these things. Everything had its place. Of course, with Rowan stalking, everything needs to move up up up and out of reach. Rowan's a thrower, which is why his toys sometimes take a time out on the mantel, if you're wondering about the aforementioned puzzle.

If we actually go through with this house thing, it will prove that we have grown too accustomed to living on the move. That we cannot live in a place for more than six months at a time. It will also solve that problem, give us roots, give us a place to hang our hats. That I'm reading Bruce Chatwin's The Anatomy of Restlessness right now is mere cosmic accident.

What's in your clutter space?


Nuit Hernandez said...

hope the house deal comes through :) your mantel sounds lovely, when you have babies, its how things are suposed to look ;)

Daphne said...

Your son is so so so cute! And your writing is realy good! Love your blog :)

Have a great day and lots of love,

Krystal said...

is that book good???

Gracey said...

he have his own space there. he's so cute! :)

goodluck on the house deal. :)

my clutter: books, paints, unfinished illustrations, books everywhere (which i think is a good thing)

BellaGetsREal said...

Good luck on the home, while you are planting roots we are mentally ready to dig ours up. A few more years and the kids will be gone - uprooting time.

LyddieGal said...

I think a house would be a great thing, I hope you find one you can really love and keep forever.

And your clutter makes me feel better about myself.

Chic on the Cheap

Luísa Lión said...

oh wo wso cute! The first picture is amazing! How old is he?





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