pictures of our lives at breakfast.

We’ve been eating breakfast for hours. It’s our first day back to Natales with the ability to sleep in instead of run around collecting stamps of denial all over Santiago. Now that we’re sure we’ll be here through the winter and then some, we’re settling in. And what better way to feel at home than to purchase… small household appliances? Yay! We are now the proud owners of a quick-boil electric kettle, a hand-held electric beater (making batter for anything will be so much easier!) and a toast/waffle iron with three different hotplates. The waffle hotplate is my personal favorite. And toast (tost), a simple panini sandwich, is really common in Turkey, for breakfast or for a quick ‘snack’ whenever.

This morning, and afternoon as you can see from the time, we used all three of these handy devices :)

Spiced Italian espresso started this morning’s breakfast madness. I make it sound fancier than it really is, because we drink that every morning. Ingredients and digressions: 1.) Coffee (which horrifyingly contains sugar! It’s difficult and expensive to find real sugar-free coffee grounds here.) 2.) Two whole cardamom seeds (a gift from one of Serkan’s Turkish friends living in Vienna, where we stayed for a few nights. We could hardly communicate, but I was really excited about the cardamom, so she sweetly sent us off with a couple of bags when we left.) 3.) Cinnamon stick shavings and/or 1-2 clove spikes (called clavo del olor, which can translate directly to ‘scented nails.’). We usually drink this espresso concoction more like a coffee, with added water, heated milk and a small dollop of honey. On morning that I breakfast alone, this is my breakfast.

A small bowl of cereal and fruit accompanied our coffees, and then I got to work on the waffle batter, from scratch of course, because Aunt Jemima (ick!) and Krusteaz (yum!) don’t live here. While the waffles cooked, we brewed some yummy small leaf tea, which Serkan was able to find in Punta Arenas. I sauteed some peaches and bananas with some honey to top the waffles. The rest of the waffles, we slathered with my cousin Kevin’s famous apple butter, almond butter from Trader Joe’s (both of which my aunt sent down with Tim when he came to visit; thanks guys!!!), currant-strawberry jam (handmade by me, my first attempt at such a thing), and spiced peach jam (handmade by Serkan). Even though we were way finished eating and drinking, I thought we should take some pictures of all this goodness, so I made us some Turkish coffees, threw the last of the batter into the iron and we had a little photo shoot.

Our Magellanic stove that soots up and heats the house. Turkish style double kettle for tea and coffee pot (cezve).

Kevin's apple butter & almond butter, thanks to my dear family and Tim, who brought it down here!

The super cute Turkish coffee cups we bought in Samsun, Turkey. A man and a woman sitting on big hearts blowing little heart bubbles to each other.

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