Snow, lots of snow

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing a blog after a way too long. I’d start it like so: I’ve been thinking a lot about… karma, for instance. Or. It’s snowing like mad and it feels eerily like Christmas.

But now, I’m forced to start with last night. I got bit by a dog. On the way to yoga riding my bike in the biting cold. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do in these situations. Do I go to the hospital, do I stay and do yoga? When I checked my leg in the mirror before entering the yoga room, I found a pretty big wound, starting to bubble up with sangre. I called my amiga la doctora, she was in the hospital and told me to come right away. She numbed the back of my thigh and stapled and stitched me three times. Now I can’t run, can’t bike, and can’t do yoga for about 10 days, lest the staples pop and scrape me up even more.

Man. I was supposed to be in training for the Big Rock Festival triathlon, coming up on the 19th. Now it looks like I won’t even be able to participate, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll make a speedy miraculous recovery. I’m on a program of five rabies shots, taking antibiotics, etc., so everything’s groovy. All in all, very lucky. People are taking good care of me here.

I’m getting ready to head up north at the end of the month, for the winter. I’ll be back in August to work on the magazine again. Everything here pretty much shuts down for the winter. Not sure what the plan is exactly. Hopefully take Navimag up to Puerto Montt. Do some Black Sheep distribution in the Lake District, and then be in Santiago by May 7 for a little (vow of) silence.


Elena said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe a dog bit you, Sweet Heather!!! So glad you called your amiga and she helped you out, sounds like he took a big one. Take it easy so you recover well. Lane had to get a series of rabies shots before. no fun. Yay for your reunion with the blogosphere, though XOXO

Melissa V. said...

How exactly does one get bitten by a dog on the back of her thigh, while riding a bike? Ouch! I'm glad you are ok. I was bitten once, but only by my own dog, who obviously did not have rabies. Heal up fast!

Mikey said...

"Snow, lots of snow" - but all I read was about a dog bite. Gotta fix the header, Heatie!

What kind of dog bit ya? Was it a "yip yip" or a "wuf wuf"? Was it a stray? No leashes in the third world?

Glad you're ok, though.


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