In between days…

…of dancing my tush off at ugly, dark bars, restarting my habit of running, and joining a sad little gimnasio to lift light weights, I’ve been hard at work. Well kind of. I hiked and climbed up to Monte Thar a weekend or so ago with a group of doctors and friends. It was beautiful, but we didn’t have crampons and the higher up we got, the icier the snow was. And it was all snow for the most part, even patches of it down at sea level. We were just 20 meters away from the top, but it was impossibly slippery to climb without crampons, so we didn’t actually make it to the tippy top peak, but close enough, I’d say. I think my favorite part was sliding down on the icy parts on my arse, and laughing.

That same weekend we went with the medicos to Andino, a place to ski and snowboard just outside of Punta Arenas. The snow wasn’t any good, but that meant fewer people and an easier time for me to relearn how to snowboard--it’s been so long!

Oh, and I found a job! It’s in Puerto Natales. It’s an office/pick-up-tourists sort of job, so I won’t be in Torres del Paine. I’ll spend about four days a week (out of six) in a van, driving the three hours south to Punta Arenas to pick up tourists, and then talking to them during the trip back to Puerto Natales. No, I won’t be driving. So that’s my job, talk talk talk. And the days where there aren’t tourists to pick up, I’ll be in the office, working in Excel, and we’ll see what else.

What I Miss…

My family and friends and how pretty California is
What I’m missing out on, like seeing Nic’s belly grow and hearing (in person) all the gross parts, seeing the baby James and the girls grow grow grow
Talking to Earon on the phone for hours at a time
Dancing at Molly’s
Late nights working with Lydia, and watching Girls Next Door and Kendra’s wretched laugh
The kitties
My quiet sunny mornings with The Merc
Zeitgeist and that lovely bloody Mary
Poetry classes and talking about poesia
Talky talking with David, poetry books work kids soccer trips life
Boogaloo’s on Tuesdays
The New York Times
Claire’s back porch and girl talk
Mikey’s cubicle and girl talk…
And Dave’s occasional prairie dogging
The Spark meetings and Oh, the laughter
Clayton’s muffled laughing while watching apparently hilarious videos
All my work friends… I don’t miss work per se J but I do miss a lot of little things about it


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